Again invented a Bicycle, 27.06.2013, LZ2L75BLY17j23NSJ7o8bSmPDiOcXsCF

Who said that bicycles cannot be reinvented? Cut the liar his impudent tongue! There is light at the man who created the bike, and with zero and quite original design. The most interesting thing in it — a little holder for beer. Great idea!

Joy Ruth does what produces in his garage and sells bikes of very different appearance and configuration. Trying man, turned his hobby into a source of income (which is the dream of probably every living man on Earth). How much it costs, don’t know., 27.06.2013, 1GTG7dl2aNHpIi7aWconv1ecPNH8ceVj, 27.06.2013, b8i2U0ehJs573lDiQFX3xdzwd0D4jwWi, 27.06.2013, c1EMG3BEeW7HufwzCRMrsbANSjRIIFSC

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