After robbing the pizza guy got a generous tip


Virginia residents are concerned that the young man was robbed while delivering pizza. They began to write each other on Facebook and quickly came up with a plan, gathered a Council and thanked the pizza guy a generous tip.

He was robbed at gunpoint Sunday evening about 7 o’clock. He took $115, which was postponed on car insurance.

«We ordered pizza, and he said he got lost while getting to us,» says Cox with a laugh. «I felt very bad and uncomfortable, so after he gave me the pizza, I said we need something for him to do.»

Cox said the driver was stunned by the manifestation of such kindness. He was awkward, but he could not refuse to help.

Residents of the area were able to collect $250 in one day. They solemnly handed the driver his reward.

And the robber currently wanted by the police.

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