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manygoodtips.com_25.03.2015_R5Ug63LuYnXdrProbably every Creator unbearably hard to watch how his creation is subject to censorship, banning or even destroyed. Therefore, it becomes quite difficult to imagine that the author wished to do similar myself. But history knows many great famous people who decided to take extreme measures to prevent you from seeing the fruits of their labors, for example…

1. «American history X» by Tony Kaye

Work.kom.ua_25.03.2015_afqCRx06FTeOtRemember the scene from «American history X» where the character of Norton knocks the black guy on the pavement, and then begins to trample his face into the ground? Now, the film’s Director Tony Kaye wanted to do the same thing with Norton, and all other people involved in the production of the film. Reputation kyoya walked ahead of him, but Studio executives were delighted with the initial script of the film, so it was decided to bury eyes on the arrogance and eccentricity of the Director. The fun began immediately after the end of the film, for which Norton was nominated for an Oscar for best actor.

First, Kay began to cut footage from the film, reducing it to 87 minutes. Here is the patience of the guys from New Line Cinema beginning to come to an end, and they demanded from the Director to start working with Norton again, on the scenario which was originally intended. Kay agreed and began to do all sorts of crazy stuff. In a rage, he pointed a few walls with imprints of their fists, prepay the articles in the magazine «Daily Variety» and «The Hollywood Reporter» to dish dirt on his baby brought to meet the Director of the Studio of a priest, a Rabbi and a Tibetan monk, to a company he helped to work on film editing. The Studio flatly refused and demanded to adhere to the original plan.

If you think that Kay calmed down, you’re wrong. He went to the Toronto film festival and began to demand that his film was removed from the show. Under fictitious names began to attack the press and to threaten that he would arrange a picket at the walls of the cinema, and maybe something more serious… overall he spent $1 million to sabotage your own movie.

In the end, Kay asked the court to change your name in the final credits on any other. The Guild of Directors allow such a practice, if the Prosecutor ceases his attacks on the film, but as the Prosecutor himself was the Director and he has already missed the point, his name remains where it should be. «American history X» has won the love of critics, this picture has been consistently ranked in various rankings of the best movies. One hopes that it somehow comforting Tony Kay.

2. The Aeneid Virgil

manygoodtips.com_25.03.2015_jrODf0jiQ19apIf you have not read «Aeneid» in high school or uni, we just say: this work is considered one of the greatest literary works in the history of mankind. «Aeneid» was written by the Roman poet Virgil in 29 R. to B. E. the Author has set a goal to create epic ode to the Foundation of Rome, its grandeur and magnificence.

Virgil was a curious wizard. It is implied that he worked very slowly, like a snail under sedatives. It took him 11 years to complete his work but after the final point he was extremely unhappy with the result. Then Virgil decided to go on a long journey to Greece and Asia to find inspiration there and try to re-edit the poem. Unfortunately, he soon became seriously ill and on his deathbed asked his friends to burn that worthless writings, which ruined the last decade of his life.

But here’s the deal unexpectedly entered politics. In the «Aeneid» was the implication that Augustus is a descendant of Aeneas, and thus his rule was completely legal. And when the Governor heard about the dying request of the poet, he immediately intervened and prevented this. So thanks to him for twenty centuries, we are still discussing «the Aeneid» the lessons of ancient literature.

3. Many of Michelangelo’s

manygoodtips.com_25.03.2015_3GCeYJFJMolHSEach of us is familiar with the name of the great Italian artist, whose paintings and sculptures are elevated to the status of cultural legend. After the death of his chief rival, Raphael, Michelangelo became a full-fledged King Renaissances and for thirty years managed to create two of his most famous sculptures of David and Pieta. The artist considered the painting as a lower form of art, but still painted the Sistine chapel with particular diligence, because if you do something that is beneath you, you should do it better than anyone. And yet the hand of Michelangelo owned a lot of drawings, but we got about six copies, because not all of his doodles was able to withstand four and a half centuries.

During the life of the artist enjoyed immense popularity. His work was in great demand and were considered precious gifts, but the lion’s share of his creations Michelangelo was feeding the fire. Perhaps the reason for the pride and vanity of the artist, who believed that the genius lies only in improvised work, whereas the workpiece, drafts and sketches you want to hide from prying eyes, as something shameful. Hard work, careful planning and correction of mistakes is what is unworthy of the great master. And although over his every work, he worked hard, Michelangelo would have preferred to be remembered as a gifted lazy bitch guts that one day I just walked around the Sistine chapel, looked up, grabbed a few brushes and a ladder and just started drawing.

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