After cremation it turned out that the man was carrying a pound of iron!

Sometimes, friend, we know too little about their loved ones. Even if we have good relations with them.

Briton Ronald brown was the true pride of the family, fought with the Germans and lived to be 94 years old. But his biggest secret was revealed only after his death. Not even just after his death, and immediately after cremation.

Ronald died at the age of 94 from respiratory infection by, after the cremation stunned relative brought the urn containing 0.5 kg. a terrible kind of iron.

In 1944, as a young, brown during one of the battles accidentally stepped on an IED and suffered multiple shrapnel wounds. He himself describes this event in his diary. After the injury the veteran had to crawl three miles from wounded feet, until he found help.

In the hospital the doctors said it was safer to leave it as is, because the procedure of treatment of the fragments can be much more devastating.

Having returned after war home, Ronald was assured all friends and relatives that he just got a fascist bullet in the leg. His 55-year-old daughter, Jane, says: «It’s just amazing that he never complained about pain and was a very active man, we didn’t even know that he carries such a burden, dad never complained».

Granddaughter Holly remembers that grandpa never let her sit on his knee.

Every time at the airport, all metal frame just went crazy when he appeared, but to think that there was a pound of iron, no one could — say the relatives of the veteran.

Now family even more proud of their Patriarch. Anyhow, man, you look at those glands!




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