Afraid of women


Give me a kick in the ass:) Meet girls in VK, I like them, I have them too) But here’s the problem, the problem is I’m afraid to meet them, the questions arise: «what if she doesn’t like, or she me,» «what if she thinks I’m a freak?»,»How to behave?». What help?

Dude, everyone is afraid. There is always fear. Especially in relation to women, but, you know, what kind of this fear? He’s selfish. «She’ll reject me!» — this fear. Can be arbitrarily long to think that she thinks of you, you like her or not, but I’ll tell you right away: procrastination is deadly. Girls, if you don’t do the first step or even a step to transfer the interest to the real world of virtual communication, you instantly move into the category of virtual vests for wailing, for the people and for the people is absolutely meaningless communication in the spirit of: «Hey, how you doing! Check out sweet kartinochku!»

If you wait, immediately go into the category of virtual friends. Look how many friends in the social networks of some young ladies, most of them virtual friends, whom she, at best, seen one or two times. So in this question is your enemy.

You don’t answer a single question until they met with her. Don’t like it? For the most part, no one lady will not tell you it’s in the eyes, but if you’re not under the influence of erotic passion, you’ll determine you’re cute to her or she to you. If they say, well, the first time the mud is unpleasant, then get used to it. The cracks start to get used to fairly quickly and should be treated in the spirit that if one refused, time to go to the second. If to be confident and behave decently, you’ll be fine. It is even more important than inflated biceps, which is also important.

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