AF2011-A1 — double gun

manygoodtips.com_6.11.2013_viplBiSkXnFO2 The shotgun is, of course, in some way classic. It killed people and zombies in the movies, it killed all anybody in video games. And rightly so, a good weapon! With their flaws, but good. Today our guest column — a gun-a shotgun that has more than one barrel, but two. And he is obscenely beautiful. Well, this should be antler gun for some dictator. This is not the first gun with two muzzles. They say that such existed before him. Visually resembles the Colt 1911-A1, as the name implies, the creators focused in his research on him. The store 16 cartridges, the gun shoots two at once, meaning it will last for 8 rounds. The caliber of the cartridges .45. While the gun is not officially launched, so price unknown.



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