Advice on training from Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold SchwarzeneggerThe best of the Austrians during his career has reached unprecedented heights. Mr. Olympia, Mr. universe, and then – success in the movie and in the political arena – he achieved his work. But it all started with sports. And if you want to be as big and strong as Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger, read it carefully. Here are quotes from his interview and written in his books.

Bring a friend


«Good training with a partner makes you work out more and sets the incentive to take new heights. Training will bring more fun if you compete with each other.»

Arnold: the Education of a bodybuilder

Find yourself a friend for training worth at least because a friend is always more fun. The main dude and your training was adequate.

Shock – this is our


«I always try to create a state of shock my muscles. This method was extremely important to my training. Your muscles become complacent and resist growth if you continually perform the same workout. But if you try different methods and exercises, experiment with weight and pace, I’ll try a few combinations, then clearly bring the muscles out of balance.»

Muscle and Fitness

This trick Arnie uses throughout his career and considers it crucial in the formation of their personal success. Given the fact that the Austrian mega-athlete in 19 years was a 19-inch biceps, it can be assumed that the method is indeed effective.

The trick


«When you get tired while lifting a barbell, start to use your shoulders and back. It will give you strength to do another 4-5 reps. The trick is to force the biceps to do more work than they can do without the help of other muscles.»

The new encyclopedia of modern bodybuilding

Himself – sports


«Bodybuilding is a sport, like hockey. To be successful, you have to 100% dedicate themselves to training, diet and mental approach.»

Arnold: the Education of a bodybuilderArnold always carefully monitors its psychological and physical health, so that is, never loses its head in the gym.

It is known that Arnie was on duty the days when I consumed a lot of calories with the days when he was using them much less. For what? Not to ruin your metabolism.

Don’t forget your feet


«It is not enough just to subject the legs to heavy loads. You should use heavy weight to get all the fiber your feet to explode and beg for mercy.

For many years I did 5 approaches to his feet, but had to do 8. Once I realized my mistakes and corrected them, my hips rapidly increased.»

The new encyclopedia of modern bodybuildingAs you might guess, Jogging a little to pump up his real legs. At least you’re gonna look weird with very wide back and thin, like a goat, feet. You don’t want to insert the implants? So weight + volume = big, massive legs. Listen man!

Want to lose weight? Ask me how


«It’s very simple. I started to do more cardio, more swimming, ride a Bicycle and excluded from the diet all pasta and desserts. There is nothing complicated, it’s not rocket science.»


Despite its apparent simplicity, Arnie swears that this is enough to get rid of excess. Well, believe the word.

Believe in yourself


«Training is always difficult, but if your goal is always in front of you, it becomes easier. You must believe in yourself, have a very clear vision of what you want to achieve and don’t be shy to work hard.»

Men’s Fitness UK

Apparently, Arnie was very motivated throughout his career. How else to explain the success? Setting a goal and realizing it, you are as advanced to the target. Without any motivation.

Think about the muscles


«My whole career is solid the trick. That’s why I think of my biceps as mountains made of flesh and blood. When I think about my biceps, they grow faster than if I was looking at them as mere muscle.

When you think of biceps as the muscles, you subconsciously create a limit to growth. When you think about them as the mountains, all the boundaries disappear and you can move to new achievements.»

Muscle and Fitness Magazinein Fact, as mentioned earlier, psychology is one of the main advantages of Schwarzenegger over rivals. As soon as he convinced himself that maybe more than any other man, was able to free himself from any restrictions. But there are also many who need the drugs.

Never give up


And a little motivation last.

«I always say that you will not be able to avoid mishaps. How far can you fall? Here is the earth, then it will not. Now that you know the limit stop being afraid of problems.

Be proud, not afraid and not embarrassed when something failed. You could come up with any excuse not to go out the door. But you didn’t, even though he knew that it would be difficult. You did it anyway. I’m proud of you.»


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