Admit it, you’re doing it still

manygoodtips.com_20.03.2015_4AfZqyV96dBMfThey say that in life the boys, the heaviest only the first thirty years. And even if you’re a tough brutal type has balls of steel and a strong chin, you, like each of us, sometimes tend to «fall into childhood. Especially if there’s no one around and no one can blame you in frivolity. So what habits have you brought him from childhood? Here are some of the assumptions we have mentioned, based on our own experience. Yes, we are. This is what we do. And we are not ashamed.


Riding on shopping cart in the supermarket. Oh, driving that vehicle at least two. You can accelerate and jump on the bandwagon», and you can climb right into it and to arrange with friends a race for survival. Of course the fun spoil the protection of the supermarket, well, broken rack with Hennessy.


When you buy a new gadget, you have two causes for rejoicing: desirable technical innovation and this wonderful bubble wrap with the bubbles to burst any incomparable pleasure.


Gloomy autumn morning on the way to work you will not miss an occasion to cheer yourself up and be sure to stir the pile of autumn leaves, so carefully collected by the janitor. And the smell!.. Do you remember this spicy aroma in which you can still feel the echo of the past summer?


Slide in woolen socks on the linoleum, while dreaming of Olympic medals in figure skating – a classic of our childhood, which remained with us in today’s life.


Buy my girl a generous helping of snow after a heavy snowfall. Her screeching will subside in about ten minutes, but the moral satisfaction will be with you all day.


Climbing the stairs, you can’t resist in order not to skip several steps.


And riding a bike in a day, you can’t ride at a fairly decent speed through puddles.


Like ten years ago do you like to blow smoke from his mouth in the winter time and observe this process.


Sometimes you can treat yourself to cereal and chocolate milk for Breakfast.


You still like gummies in the shape of bears, or any other jelly candies that you can bite off your head.


You won’t be able to sleep until you close the slightly open door of the wardrobe, standing in front of your bed.


The last third of your paycheck you spent on a new set of LEGO.


Every time you laugh when a bottle of ketchup «fart» when pressed.


You snuck out and visited the children’s toy store and look, not dropped in price the same RC helicopter.


You shyly rejoice in the arms of mom and happy as a clam, when you praise the father.


You shove all the children, trying first to get in line for the water slides in the water Park.


You hate sticky hands and face after you eat sugary cotton candy, but just as in childhood, do not miss the opportunity to eat it.


Shrug front of the Elevator, or automatic doors, imagining himself a mighty sorcerer.


Hammered back and a bump on the head is not weaned you enthusiastically ride on the office chair.


You went to the premiere of «spongebob» in 3D, scaring his whinny came on the show to the kids.


In a drunken state, you’re capable to throw out some ridiculous trick, for example, to use a condom of water and to throw him off the balcony.


You love to build furniture, pouffes, and pillows makeshift «hut-huts».


In the shower, lathered the hair with shampoo, you’re doing yourself a Mohawk and other crazy «hairstyles».


You buy your bagels, put them on your fingers and chew on them just like that.


Still make a wish when you see the clock and the same combination of numbers.

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