Add clarity in «Black square»

manygoodtips.com_19.08.2014_1guUPDqaclSAEIn what was a great artist when he created his masterpiece? Experts and critics there is no single answer, and we have even more. We in the art will understand no more than nuclear fission. But, pump the brain it is necessary. So join in for art with us and let us look at the meaning of this dark picture.

1. Dynamics in statics

None of the sides of the square are not parallel to each other. Mixing different paints, the author received prozvali dark color.

According to one version, the author wanted to portray a moving shape and a dynamic to static, at first glance, the picture.

2. A failed masterpiece

The painter could not portray what the author intended. Time was running out. Malevich had to submit their new work for exhibition of the futurists in 1915, which took place in St. Petersburg. And Kazimir, hot, blacked out the painting first with black paint, in the end, having all this mess in the black square. This creative attack of fever caught him a friend who saw the picture and yelled, «Brilliant, talented you fucking dog!! Malevich, with the poker face, came up with the new work of the highest, cosmic meaning.

3. Colorful cube Malevich

Every secular gathering of the artist is constantly asserted that this work was created under the mental influence of any higher spiritual realms. And if you pathetic little people, quite tight with imagination and anyway, you are in every way alien to the beautiful, only a black square and you will see. But if you’re a person woven of nerves and originality and spirituality, will go beyond the conscious and look at the picture at a certain angle and degree, you will discover a world of colors, dressed in CC, And it’s a symbol of what the world around us, at first, superficial, glance it looks like flat and black and white. However, a person who will see color in black — will be available a huge philosophical formula.

4. Mutiny on the ship


At the time of creating the painting on the creative front, the country ran the artists of cubism. Many creative people, and admirers anxious to move away from what has become mainstream. «Black Suprematist square» has become the bright embodiment of rebellion against current trends and was presented to critical acclaim as a sacred act of pure, pointless creativity. Rumor has it that even Picasso himself lost interest in cubism, after I saw the masterpiece by Kazimir. At the same time was created and exhibited at the same show, «the Black circle» and «Black cross», representing the three main elements of the Suprematist system. Later, the artist created two squares, trying to repeat the success: red and white.

5.Shark PR

No matter what you have created, and more importantly, under what sauce it is possible to apply and whom to sell.

With black color artists experimented since the seventeenth century. The picture of the «Great darkness» was written in 1617 by the artist Robert Flagdom, and was a tightly painted in black in the picture. «Night fight of blacks in the basement», «the twilight history of Russia», «View of La Hougue (under cover of night)» — these pictures, like their authors, perhaps known only to art historians. But the artistic trick of Malevich is known to every schoolboy.

6. Death. Emptiness. Oblivion


The contemporaries of the artist, as well as his close friends told me that writing a picture, the Casimir for a long time lost rest, sleep, appetite, and fell into melancholy and sat down to write philosophical treatises on life and art. Maybe the picture reminded him of how fleeting human life and all earthly pleasure is nothing more than a rat race.

7. «The king is naked!»

Announcing the Grand design, «Square», Casimir was manipulating people’s minds, making them believe in something that is actually there. And really, who wants to pass for an uneducated dumb-ass without the slightest bit understanding a great?! People had to agree to come up with their interpretations to give a decent answer to the question, what did you see in this picture?

8.A crisis of ideas


In the early twentieth century many artists felt the pangs of creative constipation. Someone was sitting in jail, someone went to dig the mines, who emigrated. Black square became a symbol of the artistic crisis of the time. And some critics argue that after Malevich’s masterpiece was created that had at least some little bit of highly cultural significance.

9. Political subtext

The fact of writing such a pattern was seen as the proclamation of a new era in the history of art. The Bolsheviks appreciated.

10. The challenge of religion

For the sake

At an art exhibition of futurist painting was placed in the so-called red corner, where in Orthodox houses were only icons. The largest art critic of that time, Alexander Benois wrote: «no doubt, this is the icon, which the Lord put futurists return Madonna.»

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