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manygoodtips.com_14.01.2015_cRuwolsudNEdh479 BC, the funeral of an old sage who has found his peace in a modest grave on the banks of the gently flowing river. Master kun, also known as Confucius died at the age of 72 years, and his death was mourned by more than 80 followers, gathered at the funeral. For three centuries his teachings have become the dominant philosophy not only in China but in much of Asia. Despite the countless wars, changing dynasties and events, Proverbs and sayings of the ancient teachers continue to live and go to quotes from generation to generation, generously endowing everyone with wisdom and understanding that this life is truly important and worthwhile.

1. Who invented it?

Grew up in poverty and was brought up by his widowed mother, Confucius has quickly earned an excellent reputation, respect and love of the people of their province. Being the descendant of a noble family of kun, the young man fully recognized the importance of self-education that was necessary to become a worthy representative of the family. His diligence, modesty, sagacity, and erudition did not go unnoticed, and he was appointed steward of the granaries, and then the official responsible for the cattle. According to the researchers, the future philosopher at that time was not more than 25 years, and he already had a wife and son. Confucius resigned his post after he lost faith in the government, in particular and in the system as a whole. He was tired of watching a state of strife, discord and strife. Disappointed in politics, he has devoted his life to teaching, traveling to all the neighboring lands, preaching the philosophy of simplicity, accountability and virtue. Although he passed away, with only a modest handful of followers, the legacy of Confucius were carefully preserved and handed down from century to century his most faithful followers. One of such supporters of his philosophy was Mencius, perhaps the most famous preacher of Confucianism after Confucius. Now the name of a great Teacher is a synonym of wisdom.

2. About what is it?

«Piety without proper knowledge of turning into self-torture. Caution without proper knowledge is transformed into cowardice. Bravery without proper knowledge turns into recklessness. The directness without proper knowledge becomes rudeness.»Harmony

Much of Western thought and philosophy has a tendency to focus on personality, introducing «you’re one against the world» mentality. Oriental thought generally rejects this view, presenting human life as a struggle with the Universe, but as the struggle for peace in the Universe. Confucianism also emphasizes the need to recognize the realities of life and existence means.

The main book of Confucianism, «LUN Yu», composed by disciples of the philosopher of short notes, Proverbs, sayings, actions and dialogues of Confucius, became the greatest monument of literature. Once he was asked: «What would You do if You were entrusted with the running of the province?» Confucius said: «I would have made sure that everyone lived up to its name. If names are not rectified, then words are wrong. If the words are wrong, and things are not done. If things are not done, sounds funeral music. If the music does not sound, the penalties do not match the crimes. If the punishment does not correspond to the guilt, that people do not know where to put hands and feet. Therefore, czynsz calls a spade a spade. And calling, does what is says. In the words of cunizza nothing is superfluous.»

In other words, if we do not recognize the world, its order and laws, then indeed we are able to live in it? Every thing and phenomenon in this Universe has its own name, and until we deal with notions following the stereotypes, conditions, effects, then there can be no peace in our lives, in the country or even in the world.

«Serving the father and mother exhort them gently. If your advice is not effective, continue to be respectful and humble. Even if you are vexed to the soul, not to Express his dissatisfaction.»Debt

The concept of obligation and obedience is not too popular in modern Western society, that promotes the ideals of freedom and independence. Debt is not a burden, it is primarily a means to achieve goals, such as self-improvement and the attainment of harmony. Respect, tolerance and the respect for the older generation is an integral part of the concept of «Dao», which gives us an idea of the highest cosmic order and balance that exists in the Universe.

Says Confucius, FILIAL piety also involves the realization that parents are not infallible, and therefore you need to be wise not to be the father and mother. So if you’re a fucking jackass, remember that such behavior strikes you out of the intended order of things, and no good it will not. When it comes to parents, we can substitute the right cheek, consoling himself with the fact that, at least, it’s not you’re wrong.

«Try to be at least a little kinder and you will see that it will be unable to commit a bad act.»Humanity

In the book «the Analects» there is a story in which a noble Lord tells Confucius that all of the court stables were recently burned to the ground. What the Teacher just said, «have Not suffered any people?» – not even remembering about the horses, being interested in only the health and safety of his family and servants. With any gained knowledge, Confucius was able to isolate the really important things, and the humanity and kindness have always been the main core of Confucian thought. He believed that without caring about other people all other virtues are worth nothing: a person cannot be truly good if around him all bad.

«An extraordinary man cannot glorify small things, but you can trust him a lot. The little man many don’t trust, but he may be known for errands. Superior man is modest in his speech but his actions speak volumes. Extraordinary man happy and calm, the average person is always full of distress.»The ability to be a Gentleman

Translating into modern language, the «superior man» of Confucius is a true Gentleman who is fundamentally different from the «Ubermensch» of Nietzsche. «Extraordinary man» is looking for humility, learning, self-discipline and strict adherence to the natural order. He saw himself surrounded by corrupt nobility, Confucius left the court and came to the idea that true nobility can only be earned, not inherited. The gentleman who owns the property, but one who understands how to deal with property or without it. Dignity belongs to the person who understands in what circumstances and how to adhere to the natural order.

Guided by the sincerity that comes from a true love of learning, a gentleman devoted himself fully to the principles of wisdom, justice and virtue. As a man approaching his place in the natural order of things, he will be able to help others find that path. It is the heart of the philosophy of Confucius.

3. What does this mean for us?

As adults, we understand that it is easier to go through hard times, assuring himself that everything will be fine and even better in the near future: once we get a job, after we will buy our own house as soon as enough money to do what you want… and you yourself are probably stuck in the opinion that as soon as you get __________, everything will be fine and you’ll finally be a happy man.

Maybe even Confucius had this idea, because he was born in poverty, but still he managed to achieve recognition and financial stability after many years of dedicated study and service. But he left for a simpler life, complete awareness and contemplation. So maybe instead of trying to conquer the world, you just try to find your place within it? Why not just do what you know, than sure, do it well and tastefully? To try in this world of chaos and conflict to live worthily and righteously. Think about it at leisure.

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