Acne stuck with the dude…


Hmm, no, we really are no words. This 39-year-old bachelor (probably in this case it’s important) man from Guangdong rushed to the hospital, as if he had a pain in the ass. But in the ass he was not just a pain. A Chinese man stunned his staff with the news that «something is moving inside him». However, after some time the man came to himself and said to them, what is acne, which he picked up in the swamps. It’s not too convincing! However, to be honest, we really don’t want to know about it.

Doctors hours saved from a long Chinese seafood, which was looking for a way to freedom. It is somewhat reminiscent of episodes of «South Park» about Mr. Masochist. Swamp eel got. It turned out to be a special length of 20 inches and weighing about a kilogram. Holy crap, man!

What happened to the acne? He died, and it’s even good, dude, this is not very mouth-watering fish I’d either death. And with the Chinese will understand.


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