Acer Aspire M3 and V5 ultrabooks with touchscreen for wealthy and demanding bro

Two new models of ultrabooks, the Acer is equipped with touch screens

In fact, new items are improved versions of ultrabooks Aspire M3 and V5, which implemented touch functionality, which will help bro more comfortably use the gadget.

Aspire m3 and V5

While there is no exact information about the price of upgraded laptops, and also about the approximate terms of their sale, but at least we already know some technical specs.

Ultrabook Aspire M3 Touch has a 15.6-inch screen with minimum bezel and aluminum housing that copies the design of the M3. However, there are differences: adding a touchscreen, Acer has been forced to increase the device thickness to 22 mm. Like the previous version, the new device is based on Ivy Bridge processor and has NVIDIA discrete graphics card.

In turn, the Aspire V5 has got two kinds of display 14 or 15 inch. As in the previous case, the new design copies the earlier versions of V5 laptop, but adjusted for a little more weight and thickness by adding a touch screen. The Aspire V5 is added in the amount of up to 23 mm, the Weight of models 2.1 and 2.4 kg. the product also comes with a Ivy Bridge processor and NVIDIA video solutions.

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