Acceptable excuses to stay home tonight few years ago to stay home and not go to a party was like to go to the moon — almost impossible. Before you turned 25, not to participate in the planned events was a shameful act — what else could you do in your spare time? Career is not so serious and requires so much time (Yes, it is and not a career, just a job). You’d better die than tell anyone that stayed home on Friday night and watched TV.

Now you got older and everything changed. Why? Because! You have a socially acceptable excuse to not go anywhere if you don’t want.

«I work late»

Your friends are going to have a drink after work? As if we lived a few years ago. You know how it is: you get drunk, skip the money and go back home, already feeling the hangover. If you have to work late in the evening, you can opt out of everything from pre-planned dinner with friends, from the first or second date — what you want. «I’m sorry, I’m swamped at work and will sit here until late at night». Today, everyone understands that working late is not fiction, but a reality nightmare. The same applies to work on weekends and work early in the morning the next day. You have every right to cancel any plans!

«I have an existential crisis»

Not to roll his eyes. This is a serious and a real reason to stay home. Have you ever experienced an acute attack of existential crisis? If your answer is «no», just wait. If your answer is «Yes», without further explanation. Existential crisis, quarter life crisis is no joke. When your brain begins to view the world in negative, this means that has entered crisis mode. Thoughts like «What am I doing? Who am I? Where are you going? What does it all mean?» cover all visible space and paralyze you. If your friends know you and your personality, they all understand and will not ask unnecessary questions and condescending attitude to the fact that you now, however, is not fun. You’ll ruin it all joy if you sit with a sour mine and every minute breaks to go.

«I collect money»

Before you’re 25, have no money — is in some way funny. In some extent. And now? If you are still bad with money, perhaps approaching an existential crisis. The sign of a real adult person — accumulation for a major purchase, and it’s not an Xbox and not a plane ticket. No. Do you have a Bank account with real money that you are planning to buy an impressive leather sofa. Or a new car. Or coffee machine. You collect for some reason, and I know that now you have no money for fun — for a while. Lunch in the restaurant or three drinks in a bar is not fit in your budget plan. You can confidently and calmly explain to his friends: «Now we collect for repairs in the kitchen, so don’t go to bars». All would understand.

«I am very tired»

We from birth begin to say how much tired, but to date these speeches there was not a word of truth. Work Monday through Friday eight hours a day, to stay late, take work home, to arrive early and not want another life — that our current life circumstances. You’ve been tired from travelling, sports, long classes, but this is a new level of moral and physical exhaustion that does not occur naturally. At this age we understand that sleep is the most important for the health thing, and not want to give her up for the party in honor of birthday, corporate parties and anything in this world. Of course, at first no one thinks that will refuse to celebrate a friend’s birthday in order to sleep, but when you come to work at eight in the morning, the view may change. Sleep is Holy and becoming more Holy. If someone tries to accuse you that you need rest, you’re sending him to hell.

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