Accelerate: how to read 2 times faster


Almost every second of our article, we speak directly or indirectly about the benefits of such things as reading. Has long been known that reading develops, makes you wiser, better and helps to deal with some aspects of life. No wonder that nobles and slavers preferred to their servants and serfs could not read. And then another inspired by the ideas of the revolution, learn about the existence of equality and injustice, and plant on the forks. So what about the benefits of reading to say pointless, just look at Wasserman.

As for speed reading, then there may be issues, but for what, in fact, need it? Really in a hurry to read the book better than her thoughtful study? Well, first, do not confuse these two concepts: «speed» and «haste». One thing to try to study the Talmud in a short period of time, in a hurry, missing half the information, and quite another to study it deeply and intelligently, but only faster than usual.

This is the same thoughtful reading only for a short period of time. If on the average literate person without the syndrome of the «eternal brakes», reads per minute on average 200 words (or less), with the help of speed reading, you can deduct about 500-600 words per minute. And all thanks to the special techniques and exercises that literally wean you from the constant loop at the punctuation, spaces and red lines (after all, he noticed, probably). Still get rid of the slow and monotonous broadcasting readable text to myself (also a big brake).

And, of course, improved peripheral vision, or, in the language of mere mortals, one stop glance you will be able to reach a larger number of words, until the whole row.Simply put, your brain will start to work faster, just like the hero of Dustin Hoffman in «rain Man». But unlike Raymond Babbitt, studied the phone book for a few minutes, you won’t have to suffer savantism.


You still don’t understand why you need speed reading? At least to save your own time. If you read at least 2 hours a week, you can save 7 hours (almost full time). Not only books, but also documentation will be given faster. Although, if you have a lot of free time, won’t waste. But know that among the great personalities of Korostelev was a lot. They has saved a lot of precious moments, managing to be in the loop, to cope with their work and to educate ourselves.For example, the writer Maxim Gorky was able to read one magazine page in less than a minute. Stalin, despite the constant public employment, managed the day to read on average 500 pages (daily allowance). Here without speed reading is also not done.


However, the most impressive achievements in the field of speed reading have American presidents. John «sometimes I come up with interesting things» Kennedy intentionally, with the purpose of saving time have increased their rates a reading of 280 words (which in General is already quite good) to 1000 per minute! Every morning he spent half an hour to read a huge stack of Newspapers. But even he is far from legendary Franklin D. Roosevelt, during one sitting» read a weighty book. Over the years of training he developed the girth area point of view, starting with 4 words, then when he reached 8 words, and ultimately he needed a moment to read the entire paragraph. But he was considered one of the most educated and smartest people of his time.

Speed-reading is to do those who can’t hold attention while reading, because not all books are interesting and exciting (especially when it comes to student allowances) and some too difficult to understand. And most importantly – the skill will teach you to quickly locate key words and abstracts in the text that has a low information density.To develop the skills of speed reading there is a whole pile of methods and exercises, which you can find on the website Legentas, where you’ll be trained just 2 weeks to read 2 times faster. At the same time recognize how many hours a day do you spend reading and how much you can save (read books, of course, useful, but looking at how much time it takes, is not myself). Here will tell you how to expand your visual reach, teach faster to move your eyes along the text (not at the expense of quality remembering, of course) and will help to develop the brain. partnered with experts in the field of speed reading and UX designers, and thus was created the interactive exercises, which reduce «bad» habits when reading, and generally improving its effectiveness.

Of course, you can try to learn this skill myself, but the point of reading quickly if you can’t understand a word in the string. It is important not only to read quickly, but to learn to understand what they read, otherwise it will resemble a drive from which for the sake of reducing weight and increasing speed removed the airbags, belts and brake pads.


Plus, learn speed reading with Legentas profitable. Three lessons you can pass absolutely free. Even after completing the course you will undergo exercises, and the full version of the book on speed reading will continue to be available to you absolutely free. And what is especially nice – upon successful completion a certificate is issued.

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