About what you will forget when you get to thirty

Paradis.com.ua_21.09.2016_bBNRIhWEJFeGdLife is an endless roller coaster ride, which at every turn presented new horrors or, on the contrary, seconds of relief. It is particularly interesting to talk about it in the context of the time. Not time in a global sense and in a personal and very mundane. For example, how do you feel about modern music? They say that this is a horrible mishmash of different kinds of shit? And how you treated her in the past? Try to remember an even earlier age. How do you feel about music in five years? You will see that the perception of reality you have very often changed. What seemed important now is not. That saw steep five to ten years ago, today seem full of dullness and nonsense.Thirty years you begin to understand that you can’t do the same thing you did before — these fun you just don’t take pleasure. And when you take your thirty, you begin to worry less on many issues. So, after thirty you’ll never have to worry about this shit:

How to keep your dick in your pants


This does not mean your low libido. Just a third of my life (at least) are long gone, and you no longer are attracted to only one sex. That is, it does not mean that sex has ceased to be important (fuck everyone), but it gradually ceases to be as important as before. In choosing a partner now you are guided not only on breast size and amount of ass, but the General impression about the girl. You often fell into the same trap of painful relationships, and when you see a girl you want to meet, it is logical to ask ourselves the question: «if she’s home?»; «What to talk after sex?»; «What does she do?»; «Interesting

she told me, as a person?». In thirty years you run your a member and not a member of you.

What people think about me

Earlier this idea has devoured our brains, because we were afraid that we won’t be treated as men — successful, intelligent, influential that promise. We were afraid to be losers in the eyes of the crowd, so playing hard to get or let dust in the eyes. But at some point it all stops being important. A man thirty years less fixated on themselves, their phobias and error. Perhaps age helps to look at life easier. It is possible that we gradually get tired of the rat race for the championship. When the race involved is 7.3 billion people, first none will come, most likely will Pat each other.

I hope I will have time to pay

manygoodtips.com_21.09.2016_5odyrzRrFCR3RThe debts still there, but at least you learned how to manage them. Previously, you had to dance with a tambourine for several months to pay the loan or loan on the vehicle until you miss as a street dog, but now you just live, knowing your expenses, income and desires. Unforeseen costs less, and therefore beach-bags you eat much less.

Where to go tonight

In twenty years, everyone wants to walk, and in thirty — not to lose my other opportunities. Therefore, spare time, 30-year-old man, if he was not drunk, spends more productively. Engaged in the evening sculpting, cooking, fishing, hunting. Any other hobby that has the potential to generate income. It’s not a walk in the bars, which brings only pain in the liver. You always know when and where you want to go, but if it comes on the bar, then you already have a place that you go past five years — tradition.

How is it


Before, you always tried to find the reason for his failures. Happened some event, and you drove to the state of zombies to explain their failure. This older generation can not understand — they are the living embodiment of «fuck it». And nothing more is necessary. Screwed up? Hell, I’ll try again! Out of work? Fuck it, find another. The girl went? Hell, she was the bitch that sucked me is that the blood. Such is the philosophy, which great simplifies life. Something like Zen Buddhism, but without the religious overtones.

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