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manygoodtips.com_6.05.2015_XGlv502UQz4c6Recently, the sarcasm is gaining popularity and becoming an integral part of life as the song Soso Pavliashvili in Armenian and Georgian weddings. All consider themselves kings of wit, but sarcasm is a subtle art, and therefore not everyone can. It is important not just to humiliate the man, pouring on his head a bucket of products of the stomach, and do it subtly, masterfully. Unfortunately, not everyone can do that, more people do not understand sarcasm, and therefore after a particularly subtle sarcasm is likely that people will think you’re an idiot. But it is not necessary on this occasion to worry. Such a gift to be proud of. And here are a few reasons.

1. Sarcasm rules the world

For example, our ancestors used sarcasm to tell the difference between friend and foe. Yes, sarcasm is used not only for the sake of laughter.

In fact, people used sarcasm as a crucial survival skills in forming relationships and strengthening ties. As you know, the skills of sarcasm can only hold people with a strong social intelligence (I can put a «plus sign» in the «social Dominator»). The thing is that for sociability, and for the sarcasm meets the same part of the brain – parahippocampal gyrus. While the rest of the tribe panicked at the sight of danger, wise leaders with the help of humor forced its subjects to calm down:

– Save yourselves, a tribe of cannibals! Chief, what do we do?!?!?!

– I think, in this situation, the cockroach hell to attach.

– Freaking hilarious! They’re going to kill us all and eat!

– Well. You’re arguing now, at the dawn of mankind what to do with the dead: bury or burn. These guys have an opinion on how people should look after death.

Or something like that. I agree, not the best example.

It is believed that sarcasm helps to solve the problem. And the ability to solve problems, perhaps the most important skill in the Arsenal of any leader.

British scientists believe that sarcasm might play a crucial role in the emergence of human civilization. People that possess them unites the other members of the tribe, got power and respect, much like Jimmy Carr unites the fans. After all, since ancient times, humor was a way for people to come to terms with the injustice of the outside world. In fact, the «king» of sarcasm Winnie Churchill became so popular not only because of his actions as Prime Minister, but thanks to sharp as a razor, mind and speech, not blunt, even for years, the regular daily absorption decaliters of Armenian cognac. However, the Earl of Marlborough you can read in a separate article.

Pay attention to how much juice emit the captured women and how encouraging phrases men say, after Putin successfully jokes at press conferences, summits… Yes, no matter where. People forgive much leader wit. Even unfulfilled promises. Of course, the wise GDP and his speechwriters know this fine old trick. A sharp tongue is one of the tools long reign: and the opposition to put in place, and the ruler of a neighboring state. and no matter in what way.

2. Sarcasm ohmuryaet girls

There is nothing more sexy than a good sense of humor. Seriously. Here there is certainly no sarcasm.

Another specialist in the psycho/neuro/with/sexology (choose any, will not be mistaken) found that, when it comes to flirting while Dating, women appreciate humor even more muscles of steel, strongly protruding from his pocket a fat wallet and all the other masculine qualities. After all, the most important quality, the idea is still in the pants.

It is the sense of humor becomes a major cause of «accidental» sex. Their insights specialist is based on a survey of 60 females aged 20-26 years.

And indeed, such studies newshannah Ball cats. On the question of what attracts a female to a male the most, most of the ladies in all the tests said that the most attractive and alluring man who, with the ordinary appearance has an extraordinary sense of humor.

3. Sarcasm is the key to success

Sarcasm helps us not only to find a sexual partner, but also to achieve career success. For example, the Americans found nothing better than to prove the advantages of the sarcasm harsh techies. 375 engineering students first tested for the ability to release caustic jokes, and then analyzed how they start there career. Was that sarcastic engineers liked the customers, they are better spoken counterparts, and they better focus on work processes.

I don’t know about the latter, and it is unlikely I will like the architect, who will be let go in my address caustic jokes instead of explaining why the Foundation collapsed. But on the other hand, a good leader should be sarcastic to get rid of pushy idiots and to solve social problems. After all, we have already discussed on the example of one very successful leader that people are more forgiving to sarcastic humor.

But don’t think that only sarcasm can go away. It is important to develop other qualities. It would be nice to know when to joke and when not. Otherwise, angry relatives may not understand your sarcasm at the funeral in the address of the deceased and accidentally push into the pit.

That is, in fact, that’s all. Now it’s your turn to show your wits in the comments or tell all the known facts on the topic of why people love Vladimir Putin and why is he still in power. Well, you understand, right?


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