About the possible dangers of pornography

Zaradi.com.ua_13.10.2014_MW77JPepuwgkgIn recent years, more and more young people, communicating on the discussion forums anonymous drochuny, say that they depend heavily on viewing porn on the Internet, telling that their «disease» began to adversely affect the intimate, work and training processes. Time that could be spent solving actual problems, they spend on that, hunched over, staring at the monitor in the company of more Kleenex and lotion.

Some profess to prefer the right-hand live girls, and there are those who are 20 years stomping to the sex therapist with a prescription of Viagra, since sexual contact with a partner is strategically important body refuses to work.

Usually such problems are turning pornoarkhivy in severe stage, saying that now they can excite only the treshovy and ill-video: gang rape with beatings, strangling scenes etc. they Instinctively want to disable this corruption, feelings of guilt, but because it is the only way to get sexual release, continue to watch and quietly do their job.

Topics on this problem, and appear around the Internet in different countries of the world in the forums on bodybuilding, health, pickup. Here is a quote from one of them:

«Because of the huge number of emails with requests, we create a separate forum thread on the topic of porozovskoe and related erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction caused by pornography, is becoming a very common problem, especially among young people. Desperate young people from different cultures, with different levels of education and religiosity, different lifestyles, different values and personalities are seeking help. They have only two similarities: they are constantly looking at porn on the Internet, and increases craving for increasingly hard materials.»

What’s going on here?

In an interview in the newspaper «Evening France» neuropsychiatrist Dr. Rene Salinger said that «for people deprived of taste, violence and pornography can serve as an example to follow, as the strength of the image is such that it replaces the idea. All that is strictly visual, it is not necessary to think out and present. The image penetrates you already prepared and so it functions».

Evolutionary biology and human psychology has been proven that animals and people often prefer exaggerated versions of their needs. Exaggerated key stimuli are often called «overstimulate» or «excess incentive». They can cause severe reactions than the natural, and the animals can give preference to such artificial stimuli than natural. We see numerous examples of this in the animal world. For example, the Oystercatcher is trying to hatch a giant egg, preferring his own, the unfortunate male three-spined stickleback is constantly being attacked, as its red bottom part turns out to be quite an effective stimulus. Huge «eyes» on the wings of some butterflies, scaring the birds, or the big open beak of the cuckoo bird makes compassionate to feed him more readily than their own Chicks.

Junk food for humans is also overstimulate consisting of fatty, sweet, spicy ingredients, and food companies spend millions of dollars to make it all more successfully to combine among themselves, cashing in on our passion for this «pornographic» grub.

In the field of sex and porn men prefer exaggerated versions of human females and their sexual characteristics: big Tits, slim waist, huge ass. Bright makeup makes a huge emphasis on mouths and eyes with false eyelashes. Loud moaning and a huge personal belongings can not attract attention. Seeing all this, comes our old friend dopamine, responsible for the manifestation of pleasure and carries out the transmission of nerve impulses in the mesolimbic path of the brain. The higher the level of dopamine — the brighter feelings. The most well-known substances that contribute to the production of dopamine to the eyeballs, is cocaine and nicotine. Porn is overstimulate our naturally evolved desire for sex.

Just as our bodies were not designed for a diet of «big Macs» and «Cocopeat», our brain is not a venue for large-scale dopamine of the parade, whose main sponsor is good old porn. To protect yourself from unnatural surge of dopamine, the brain reduces the number of dopamine receptors in the neurons responsible for sexual pleasure. And here we are faced with the problems that arise from excessive consumption of porn.

1. Mental problems

Ted Bundy was sentenced to death in the electric chair. In an interview just before his death he described the last years of his life: «It happened gradually. First became interested in pornography and treated her like a breathtaking descent with a steep slope. But over time I wanted more brutal and natural scenes. Like a drug addict feel the need for pornography until, until it reaches the point where she ceases to satisfy. And already transgress the line beyond which it is not ask yourself the question: «what happens if my actions are not limited to only reading or observation?»

In 1986, the report of the Commission «MAE», created by the American government, published by the Federal Department of justice, highlighted the impact of the legalization of pornography on sexual crimes in the country and its Central role in the development of sexual violence. The statistics clearly reflect the growing number of crimes in those States where pornography is most common. According to the results of the survey conducted in American prisons, 77% of pedophiles and 87% of those who mistreated the girls, admitted a strong influence of paraliterature on thoughts and actions. The Michigan state police report shows that in 40% of cases before committing sexual violence criminals are turning to pornography. And «Snuff» porn has confidently occupied its niche and has its constant audience. Over the last decade there have been numerous scandals with the discovery of corpses buried near the places where was filmed the pornographic carnage.

Dopamine starts when we experience strong emotions, including anxiety, guilt and shame. At a constant viewing porn in huge quantities, the influence of dopamine is markedly blunted, and the person has to move on to more heavy artillery over and over again, to have fun.

2. Erectile dysfunction

Urologist Carlo Foresta (head of the Italian society of andrology and sexual medicine and Professor at the University of Padua) found a link between erectile dysfunction and excessive involvement in pornography, after extensive study, remembering that 70% of young people who applied to the clinic with the problem of erection very seriously into porn. Recent studies of behavioral addictions found that the weakening of the libido comes from the fact that pornosaitebi is «rigor» of the brain for more pleasure. Years to exceed the natural limits of libido constant stimulation desencibiliziruta the susceptibility of the individual to neurochemical called «dopamine».

Dopamine is behind the motives, desires and all the dependencies. It compels us to seek encouragement. We receive small bursts of this neurotransmitter every time when faced with something potentially pleasant, new, amazing or even causes anxiety. Allowed mechanisms are arranged so that sexual desire and erections arise from dopamine impulses. Usually the nerve cells of the Central incentives that produce a neurotransmitter, activates the sex center (libido) of the hypothalamus in turn activates the erection center in the spinal cord, which sends nerve impulses to the genitals. A constant stream of nerve impulses, which release nitric oxide in the penis and blood vessels, maintains an erection.

Nitric oxide in turn stimulates the muscle dilator of blood vessels and such chemical compounds as cGMP (cyclic channel of the vascular system), which is the on/off switch for blood filling and erection. The longer cGMP runs, the longer it lasts the erection. Thus, the path from the brain to an erection is: the reward Center (dopamine) → hypothalamus → spinal cord → nerves → penis.

Erection starts with dopamine and ends with cGMP. Drugs, activates sexual function, prevent the weakening of the production of cGMP, thus allowing blood to fill the penis. However, if the patient’s brain does not produce in the first place a sufficient number of pulses, tablets for erection cannot increase libido or pleasure even if it will (sometimes) get an erection.

In the case of erectile dysfunction associated to age, cardiovascular system or diabetes, a weak link in the first place usually has nerves, blood vessels and penis. However, men with erectile dysfunction caused by pornography, the weak point is not the penis, but rather the desensitized dopamine system in the brain. Changes in the brain that cause erectile dysfunction associated with porn, in fact, arise from physiological course of the development of dependence (among them is the weakening of the sensitivity of the brain for pleasure).

Failure can be a very tough challenge. In addition to a temporary reduction in libido, many men still suffer from withdrawal syndrome: insomnia, irritability, panic, despair, concentration problems, and even symptoms similar to the flu. Can be very helpful to find a doctor who understands the dependencies and understand why modern porn has a very different impact than viewing our regular column «Friend.» The brain should be given the opportunity to «reboot» and then return to normal dopamine sensitivity. It will take a few months.

3. Problems with a friend

Well, let’s start with the fact that when your girlfriend will understand that you have it is not worth it, it will start to be introspective and to feel alienated from what can not «make» and to satisfy your man.

Secondly, if a woman screams in the finale as a fire siren, heralding her orgasm, just like you used to watch on the screen, you yourself begin to feel their inferiority. After all, if she was with you, she would not hesitate in the expression of feelings.

Thirdly, after watching «hardcore anal story», you will come to mind to get his girl, too, to conduct such experiments, claiming that in porn all enjoy. And in General, face in the toilet is the norm! Cool, if she’s willing to experiment, and if not? If she just wants to make you feel good after going through such innovations (which may be detrimental to her psyche)? Or she’ll send you away and kicked out to sleep on the Mat, feigning outraged innocence.

Pornography is the representation of sexual pleasure, not in reality, in which a person gets real satisfaction. This is not a reality but a world of shadows. If someone is obsessed with pornography, his sexual life changes completely: it becomes real with the fictional.

4. Depression, anxiety, withdrawal

Pornography is a fantasy. Various scenes with different women to create the illusion that the one who looks, every time enters into a relationship with a new person. On the screen porn stars doing stunts that his frankness and cause a flurry of emotions, from disgust to morbid curiosity while walking on in pants. But the fact that the scenes in pornographic films are constructed so that only one or two of the usual exciting element of change is quite unusual. So the viewer acquires new tastes in sex.

Electromagnetic waves emitted by the screen are complemented by the viewer’s imagination and trigger a chemical reaction in the brain, which is accompanied by the release of dopamine (too much without it). In the result, the person experiences the feeling of a real, albeit deceptive, pleasure and satisfaction. Dopamine reinforces the commitment to the newly acquired sexual tastes, and that in this case man does is asks his wife to participate in the incarnation of sexual fantasies, downloaded into his subconscious. It is alarming this sequence of brain processes. Synaptic plasticity contributes to the formation of new connections that are the result of viewing pornography, with a new experience is retained in memory. Since this experience causes the activation of certain receptors, the dopamine leads to a significant strengthening of these ties.

Now, when the scene was in long-term memory, is two things:

1) because pornography triggers the same mechanism as cocaine dependence develops;

2) man will try as often as possible to reproduce the seen scene with his partner, leading to great frustration, as attempts to reproduce can not meet the expectations due to the fact that they involve only one woman and not many, as it seemed to the man. Even worse is that this is the only woman neither appearance nor behaviour is not similar to those that were downloaded into his subconscious. Although the first few attempts to replay pornographic scenes can be very successful, soon reality takes its emissions of dopamine stops, because fun is no longer there.

Sadly, but that’s not the end of the story. After such disappointment in the actual experience due to inflated expectations based on unrealistic fantasies, the brain simply stops producing the dopamine – the level of the latter falls below normal. This causes depression, which in turn leads to a sense of desolation, dissatisfaction, a feeling of losing the relationship because the friend is clearly «not up» to the expectations of her husband. Despite the fact that many women are trying in such cases, the «kick» of relations, their pornosaitebi partner is able to obtain only short-term pleasure, before finally losing interest. And the woman, despite all his efforts, he feels unattractive and emotionally lonely, not knowing that she was not under force to compete with dofaminove «high» which offers pornography.

And if you recognize yourself porozovskoe, do not despair and certainly don’t take tension watching PornHub. Fortunately, the brain has passed through the reforming neural connections as a result of exposure to pornography, can reshape them again. The brain is an extremely rational body that gets rid of all the junk. The longer a person remains without stimulation «pornographic» links, the more opportunities he’s giving his brain to get rid of them. New experiences, new experiences will help to hold the brain on other things, and he will have to cut off the excess. It takes time, and brain should have a choice, he always chooses what the person activates more often.

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