About that friend lie to us

a woman is lying

I have to be honest, dude, I myself often fall for such things. My friend tells me something and I immediately react as if it meant exactly what I said. But life teaches us that words often friends have a double bottom, and before you react, let me think about it. Here’s a list of things that women are lying to us. No need to take it for a guide to action, dressed in shining armor and fight for the truth — just mark it themselves and know how to react to such a setup. Be ready, dude, don’t fall for these stories!

1. «Honestly tell me your opinion»

why women lie

What they mean: «Tell me what I want to hear.»

How to be? I know it’s confusing. Yes, she’s telling you such serious words like «honestly» and «your opinion», but a good chance that it is as little want to hear the truth as you speak it. Often that happens. Sometimes she even thinks he wants to hear your honest answer, but then it turns out that she was wrong. So for security purposes, better make up a lie for salvation. Tell me that sits well dress that she’s prettier than the blonde, she lost weight and all is well.

2. «I’m fine. All is well»

what women lie

What they mean: «I’m not fucking okay. Everything is bad».

How to be? As if she was jumping out of her skin, showing that he wants you to leave her alone, don’t do this. The worst reaction is: «Ah, well», followed by the end of the conversation. Instead, show that you care how she feels, tell that voice hear that not everything is in order. So she understands that you cared about me. Even cooler is to be here, yet all do not will be good. This is much faster than you think.

3. «I’ve slept with so many other kids»

what women lie

What they mean: «I slept a little more than with so many other kids».

How to be? Remember the famous «rule of three» with the «American pie»? It lies in the fact that the number of women slept with the man, three less than he says, and Vice versa. That’s the magic number may be different, but by itself the idea is correct. Friend understate the number of their former so it wouldn’t be available to us like this lady’s whim. If you want to hear the truth (why, man? Why?), let her know your opinion on it will change depending on the number of former. So she will be honest with you — but whether it is necessary to you?

4. «It was cool»

why women lie

What they mean: «that Was good but not that very good. I’m tired and would love to sleep».

How to be? Don’t take it personally — if it is not a permanent phenomenon, of course, otherwise you should think about whether you’re doing it. Maybe we should try something new? No need to ask what was cool. Just take the note.

5. «Oh, Yes I love sports!»

sporty girl

What they mean: «I like to wear a beautiful shape and to rejoice when our team wins.»

How to be? Treat it leniently. Friends the truth is sometimes like going to the matches and just watch the game on TV with you and your bro. But if you ask her about the players or the rules, she could not answer. So just call her when you are planning to watch football with friends — let them enjoy.

6. «Sure, go have fun with your dudes.»


What they mean: «I wish you’d stayed with me.»

How to be? If you’re with her, that means she’s probably normal. Therefore, it is not against the fact that you had your own life, and she has her girlfriends. So negotiate and make sure that your hanging out with friends coincided: you’re hanging out with dudes, and she’s with her friends. And get ready to talk to her on the phone and answer a text when her friends are busy talking to various dudes for fun which they came to the bar. Or hang out when she’s not in town.

7. «I never cheated»

I never cheated on

What they mean: «I (probably) have changed, but I don’t want to admit it, because you’ll lose confidence in me and leave me».

How to be? Let’s look in the eyes of the perennial stereotypes. How much time friends terrorized these stupid notions that they just want sex and nothing more. And now she found you and fears to lose. Straining and to instill in girlfriend confidence.

8. «I don’t mind you still in touch with his ex»


What they mean: «I am against. It irritates me».

How to be? It’s something like a bro code as Barney Stinson, the hero of the series «How I met your mother». But, as if to say, boyfriend-code. Even if your new girl is thousand times better than the past, it will still be sweating, that you communicate with your ex. And it’s not that she doesn’t trust you. She she doesn’t trust. She does not believe that the former can safely be near the man she had lost. So don’t do that, man, a sure way to avoid drama.

9. «I can eat as much as you want and not gain weight»

What they mean: «I’m going to order a lot of food and can never finish even half of it.»

How to be? Dudes like girls who eat, right? Much more fun than those who: «Oh, I’m on a diet, I have one cabbage leaf». But it does not happen — there is a man and not get fat. Of course, a friend will tell you what she likes to eat (she loves) so it wouldn’t be one of those crazy calorie lady. So she will order a big plate of food and be on her wither. Just ask to wrap up your leftovers — they do that everywhere. Just do not force him to eat everything, because then begins the eternal song «I’m fat».

10. «Don’t give me anything for Valentine’s Day/our anniversary»

girl dresses

What they mean: «Please give me something.»

How to be? Yes, I know Valentine’s Day is invented by trading companies for a holiday, designed to get you to buy a piece of pink cardboard, chocolate and balloons. But he is still ingrained in our heads, we cannot ignore it. Same thing about the anniversary is just a token, show that you remember this date. So the usual flowers.

11. «I bought this on sale, honestly»

shopping with a girl

What they mean: «It was not a sale, but I really wanted to, and I may have even overpaid.»

How to be? If you really want to control it costs, the only way is to go shopping with her. And we even know how. Your presence will keep the friend from the purchase of costly nonsense, unnecessary nonsense and too such nonsense, which you will not like.

12. «Let’s pay for lunch»

couple in restaurant

What they mean: «Tell me, so I immediately took the purse.»

How to be? This happens mostly on the first date. Well, on the first date. Then the discussion of «let’s pay» is not deceit, mundane thing. But not at first. She doesn’t want to seem too feminist and a Freeloader, but will be happy if you’re a little old-fashioned.

13. «I don’t care how much you earn and spend my money: it’s your love»

Golden women

What they mean: «I don’t care how much you earn, as long as you can invite me out and make me gifts.»

How to be? We talked about how important for women wealth. Not very important, but important. They believe the gifts out of concern. So a banker should not have to, but you need financial to invest in a relationship. It sounds cynical, but that’s life, man.

14. «Do not ignore it, I just don’t hear the phone»

the mouth ignores a call

What they mean: «ignore It, dude.»

How to be? This is from the series «All right». This means that a friend is upset and, moreover, is passive-aggressive. So if you hear this, don’t just on Pokerface to say, «Well good.» Talk to her, be patient, and eventually you’ll figure it out.

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