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manygoodtips.com_9.07.2015_EVAcWSB8K8dqg«Wrestlers lying in the ring, pinched each other, lie there for ten minutes, crying with pain and anger, breathing, spitting, screaming, and generally behave in a disgusting and shameless, like sinners in hell. Disgust was heightened when, after half an hour begin to understand that all this is just deception, there’s even a simple street fight between two drunken hooligans. If one strong man wants to break the hand of another, slowchess, he always can do it. In the «wrestling», despite the most terrible seizures, self-mutilation, we have not seen. But Americans, like children, believe this naive deception and are paralyzed with delight.»That is what is written, after his famous voyage on American soil Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov. Born on the bones of such popular In USA and circus wrestling submissions wrestling is not like our wonderful writers. Although such competitions were very popular in the Russian Empire. In fact, the legendary wrestlers like Poddubny competed in the circus. However, no offense and throws into the ropes. All was decorous, without the show, and they fought one on one.

In fact, everyone knows that there not fighting for real and the winner of the match is known in advance. Look at the title picture, very dramatic facial expressions Seamus, John Sina and Glory «About what speak men». Moreover, the wrestlers before the fight, discuss the techniques, gestures and remarks that will defame each other. So don’t, looking at the television, screaming that it was a setup. It’s a show where there is «faith» and «hills», in other words «good» and «bad». There are also winery is either neutralitate, or so charismatic guys that they don’t need to share. And so they all love. Why? Yes because it is interesting! Because the wrestler is an actor! And watch monotonous «marlezonskogo ballet», where a charismatic bull reads a long insulting tirade the other that stands in a heroic pose bull, very exciting. And all these «ride of the Valkyries», jumping ropes, punching tables, chairs and other equipment to make American Housewives, working men, students and creative elite every time, from year to year, ask a huge rating views TV broadcasts.

And what to our country? In Russia, the sport became popular only through the broadcasts on TNT in the distant 90s. However, all did not care about the show itself and fight. We listened to the comments of Nikolai Fomenko like this: «»Know, scum!!!» «What the fuck, climb, bad judge???» «And I will crush you!!!» — «Oh…»; «This is some sharp metal priests; Oh, your mother… father… and uncle…»; «And there was plasticine, plasticine stars are shredding themselves as they could. And here is accustomed to wrestling, we see him through the glorious channel «2×2″».

That is why we have identified an article under the heading of «sport» and «culture», because, despite his obvious trauma and sports component, it is an absolute cultural phenomenon. Not our country, but we love Western culture.

Wrestling is like Germany or Italy in the middle ages: fully separate, warring with other city-States (in this case of federations), which cross mercenaries (soldiers). A lot of federations: WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment, formerly WWF (World Wrestling Federation)) is the most successful and well-paid promotion on the other side of the ocean; TNA is a relatively young Federation, rolling into a financial abyss; CZW (Combat Zone Wrestling) – the Federation for the frostbitten; BJW – violent Japanese wrestling, where they beat real; RoH (Ring of Hohor) – bright promotion is based on the massacre, but thanks to the attention of the media and sponsors become more soft.

Why is it all written? To make it easier to navigate in the annals of the fighters. Although fans of the genre, which we have not so little, will find something to add. Don’t judge, we know that this is a very incomplete collection of the legends current wrestling. We remembered those who fell in our soul. Since caustic «balls» Fomenko to the present, when we watch the fun on TV. We would have written, but who needs a mile? So, if you can find your favorite character, share the article to please the editor. If not, we apologize.

John Cena

Ambiguous Massachusetts bull, which is even called «the Hulk Hogan of the 21st century». Incredibly proud and arrogant rapper, decimated by gangsta rapper that suits the rap battle with other fighters. In General, one solid REP.

But the last 10 years is disgustingly honest and respectable face of the WWE and an example for young students who will defend him all illogical ways.

Johnny is known for its effective Arsenal. Although he uses too many techniques, but doing it efficiently. His style resembles the style of the famous rocky Balboa: die floor of the battle, and then resurrected in the end and to punish the opponent for minutes of bullying.

The attitude is ambiguous: on the one hand, very fond of his American students and Housewives, on the other hand, the fierce hatred of the tough guys who run to the ring t-shirts that said «let’s go Cena – Cena sucks». And why? Because Sina has become very much. Too much. But the paraphernalia Sinaia sold out for a sweet soul. And the one where it spread rot, and one where praised to the skies.

As any respected wrestler, Cena starred in the disgusting films production center WWE: «Marine», «12 rounds», «Legendary». And obtained from the art salvage collects cars. Lately, johnny slowed down, but continues to be one of the most popular fighters of this circus.


Sometimes called Seamus, but it does not change. Though a pot call me – you recognize him from thousands. This big ol ‘ Irish tie, the appearance, like the ancient Celtic Berserker, and cap. Thanks to the outstanding length of body and other members, uses the technique of a «Brogue Kick» to hit the enemy kicked in the head with a running start. And this technique is very suitable for the guy who has the image of the cranky Irishman, who does a fist pump but to absorb the alcohol. By the way, he drinks a lot. Very much. Especially beer. But it does not lose shape. And such a crowd pleaser. So how not to love the Golden boy, the move became one of the leaders in the industry! Especially Seamus became famous after he stole from another fighter – Alberto Del Rio’s Ferrari and went for the Beers, simultaneously breaking it in the trash.

Slowly the years take their toll, and the guy loses his physical form. The audience for his increasingly «boucaut», which means that, most likely, we’ll be seeing a lot of bull in the cinema.

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan is a symbol of wrestling. And please, don’t argue! Although we learned a hefty charismatic, white-haired, handsome, with a mustache, like a crest, thanks to films like «Mr. nanny» and «the Athlete Santa Claus», he is a true icon in the circus of the struggle on all continents and has a lot of merit. It was his call not differently as «a symbol of the wrestling of the XX century»! Well, except the bad man will call in the movie «Gremlins» to tame the Gremlins? Or fight with rocky in «rocky 3»?

Now Terry Gene Bollea (real name handsome) can be seen more often over the conduct of the various talk shows, and he leads the famous «WrestleMania xXx». If you have once got involved, never from this business will not get out!

During his life, the Hulk was replaced by the image of the American hero to bad guy and back. And I must say, very successful in both. In America still cherish the battle 1985, when he with another charismatic beast – Mr. T defeated «Mr. Wonderful» Paul Orndorff and «Rowdy» Roddy Piper. But in the past, and now he has a successful career, the daughter of a singer, the son and young wife. What else is needed for happiness at 61? It is believed that if you let him on stage, it’ll put the opponent’s crown Went to Hollywood will Dropon. But there will be enough power for second here the question. The years take their toll.

Steve Austin

Steve Austin is one one of the most epic wrestlers in the entire history of the sport. Thanks to a sharp review of Nikolay Fomenko got a nice addition are the «Iron eggs». And there is no iron, there the iron eggs! He could argue with Hulk about people’s love because of his charisma poured a rapid stream across the ring and flies into the soul of every viewer. Even though too honest the image of the drunk rednecks.

Watching Steve was a pleasure, because he had fought as furiously and selflessly, and drank. It is a rustic attraction, always cheerful and crazy. In fact, it was he who made the WWE a leading Federation in the late 90’s. early career was a technical wrestler, but Owen HART injured Steve’s neck vertebrae, and he was forced to become an enforcer. Iron balls were bloodshot, and Austin began to take revenge for the lost skill.

The public simply adored, because he was a model of strict controversial battle: the most challenging behavior that is so loved by the people, always an interesting fight that people likes, and trophies. When WWE became boring, they came up with a long story about the confrontation of Austin with no less remarkable a man nicknamed Winnie.

Steven James Anderson, nicknamed «Chunk», acting under the alias Steve Austin went in the commentator field. And there it pretty well. Parallel starred in the blockbuster «the Condemned» and «the Expendables.» Loves Stallone wrestlers.

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho Fomenko was referred to as the «Crack Clown». All because from the first second of entering the ring with the microphone Chris began hotly viewers from the heart and with a sense of calling hypocrites, parasites and tapeworms, while he is the best wrestler in the world and generally the face of the company. Contempt for the fans is its main feature. It’s like a cheap Comedy, watching our mothers: they despise them, but can’t look away. The list of those who fell under the cruel Moloch of his sharp tongue, you can continue to infinity: Mickey Rourke, who played the main role in the movie «the wrestler», the wife of a Player and Mike Tyson, who has knocked out. Likes to come and go with bold statements like «I’ll save the Federation from bullshit and boredom» «You shit» and «my coming will come to an end.»

It really is very sweet and gentle person who loves to interact with fans, and signing autographs. And the sense of humor the guy has. The image is an image, but at heart this is a man with a delicate mental organization, even though its funny, cause fire in certain areas of the interview.

And yet, despite the bruises, fractures and natural for a fighter to be rude, Chris is the kind of deeply poetic, subtle and creative. How else to explain that he starred in the American version of «Dancing with the stars». And sings in a heavy metal band «Fozzy». Yes, and two books finished. Autobiographical. They, of course, have brand of sarcasm and denounced the revelations, but what can you do, the image requires.

It would seem, from the clown and provocateur army of fans? It turns out that Jericho is not to talk can. He’s actually a very technical fighter. Unfortunately, the wrestling is shows, and thanks to the image and forced the bookmakers to lose. Although he managed during his 43 years to win many titles. If to be more exact, all titles. But it’s been so long that it seems true.

Dwayne «The Rock» Johnson

Well, where do without the «King of Scorpions»! About Dwayne been said as about the actor, and we have forgotten that first and foremost it is, of course, the wrestler. A very attractive young man, by the way! In the movie it took because of the atomic charisma. If you know what «The Attitude Era», I remember a young Dwayne, skillfully warring with the stars of the Federation. In the end it dovadola to national recognition and love of millions around the white and not very bright. The title of «national champion» was also because of the incredible love of the crowd.

At the moment, is a seven-time champion, WWF/E, two-time heavyweight champion, WCW, two-time WWF Intercontinental champion and five-time team champion WWF. This is not a joke, it’s all titles.

At some point, Dwayne was fascinated by the filming of the movies and gave up wrestling. However, returned to WWE on Wrestlmania 28 and put the Son in the super match, which is still with tears of emotion and gratitude I remember the boys and girls. And the Federation remembers this match because the battle has brought her 30 million profit. However, following WrestleMania lost to Blue in a rematch. The law show for a rematch. These matches interesting by the fact that Sina was trying to do the same «people’s champion» as Dwayne. Almost got it, but Duane Blue is still very far away. In 2014, despite the relatively successful movies and the attendant box office, he periodically returns to the ring. Apparently, miss hands, I want the enemy to mash. For example, at Royal Rumble 2015 helped Romulus Raines to win, defeating the big Show and Kane. And at WrestleMania 31, Dwayne together with the champion of UFC Rhonda Rosie was forced into a confrontation with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, and after a brief skirmish with Rock Rosie threw their opponents out of the ring. So don’t say that gem is just an actor.

Rey Mysterio

Apparently, Rey is the epitome of the saying «small but perfectly formed». Nimble Hispanic (accent on the second letter) is perhaps the most popular wrestler at the moment. Preschoolers, school children and some adults love uncle ray. And ray loves his mask and colored pants, every time a new and clean to again and again to imitate the new superhero.

Like flies around the ring it, no flies. In all senses: sometimes it is thrown from corner to corner, and sometimes flying a short Latino guy around the ring means that ray decided to perform their signature moves. The crown reception – «619» represents the attack of the enemy in the head with feet with a span between the third and second rope, when he’s on the second rope. Difficult? Watch the video.

People love him because he once or twice coming down a two-meter men. It is believed that all the machinations of bookmakers, trying Navara folk favorite. But this does not detract from his sporting achievements and spectacular receptions, fully justify the nickname.

Mystery uhodit the ring under him is dedicated the band’s song «P. O. D.», which is friends from school. But his main friend is the mask that ray sometimes puts on the line. In WCW were one time without the mask, which was not happy, but hunger and thirst for money has forced to think again.

After the closure of WCW was made by some indie promotions as didn’t want to go to WWE, but indie in all areas had paid. So he was in the WWE. In February 2015, was released to the free bread in AAA and Lucha Underground, inviting (according to rumors) from $15,000 to $20,000 per appearance in independent promotions. But the appearance in the AAA marred by tragedy: one of the main Mexican star Perro Aguayo – he died after a very unsuccessful crown «619». The cause of death was severe damage to the cervical vertebrae. The blow to the reputation of ray, but a clear proof that it’s primarily a sport.

The undertaker

Adults and children know uncle Undertaker. Eloquent alias, isn’t it?

One of the symbols of the WWF, and just wrestling in General. In the ring for God knows how many years, but, unlike most WWE wrestlers, was able and is able to bring joy to the audience not turning lasov and competent destruction of the opponent.

He began in the image of the undertaker of the eighteenth-nineteenth century, however, after a few years of fashion in the cemetery, apparently, changed because a friend of the Undertaker can be seen in cloaks for rituals, wide-brimmed hat, jeans, and even on the bike. And this is not surprising, because William Calway (in real life, even the Undertaker has a name) is biker.

In the Pantheon of stars ruthless struggle it was not in vain. So, for example, had a memorable unbeaten run of their epic matches at WrestleMania (21:1), though decided that on the anniversary of the battle need to lose. Self-critical, but what can you do, «the show must go on»!

The last time he returns to the ring in a WrestleMania – age, nothing helped. But to see him always nice and happy. Especially now that his image looks objectively better.

Like any great wrestler, the Undertaker was seen in the cinema: in the early ‘ 90s in the movie «suburban Commando» in the role of a harsh alien bounty hunter. Interestingly, the movie played and Hulk Hogan can fight the undertaker on the «do not want». Many people remember this movie thanks to the moment where he utters the only phrase the voice of a man inhaling helium. Why? Yes, because it was the only one in a long time phrase, uttered in public. And before that he was silent in the ring and did not give any interviews. Here’s an excerpt. A penny, or rather the Undertaker get in the body.

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