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Happened to you such: I want to sneeze and can’t, the eyes of the orbits emerge, convulsive breath, the whole body is tense — and nothing? But now, finally, the air hisses from the depths, flying into the nostrils and out with the noise outside. And what a joy to finally sneeze!

So, such feelings can be experienced repeatedly, several times a day, with just one little box… snuff.

Fashionable fun

For the first time snuff was brought to the Old world in the sixteenth century by the famous diplomat sir Walter Raleigh: it seemed interesting habit of inhaling small fragrant dust and sneezing. The innovation spread rapidly across Europe. Snuff was considered medicinal with a light hand of the French Ambassador at the Portuguese court Jean Nico, who offered tobacco leaves French Queen Catherine de Medici as a remedy for headache: Catherine suffered from migraine. Fine aromatic dust smelled for colds, impaired vision, nervousness. The novelty became the fashion, and then a habit.


This habit got in the XVII—XIX centuries, the spread among the nobility and the affluent, have long been considered aristocratic: the tobacco was extremely expensive. Then dandy was considered good form not only to walk in a fashionable dress, but also have «snuff the fashionable style», but also to be able during a conversation to get her relaxed and offer the contents to the ladies.

In the XIX century in Moscow fans of snuff was even their favorite places, where they were assigned to each other meeting. The fact that particularly famous for manufacturing snuff mixtures patrolmen: they rubbed tobacco a special way and flavored it with various aromatic oils. Each vodochnika — your recipe and clientele. Fans of snuff are believed that Smoking in public areas may disturb others and spoil the air, sniffing their tobacco, on the contrary, a pleasure.

The demand is known, creates supply. The most famous jewelers of Europe started the production of fine and boxes of precious metals with inlays; the refined items were intended to store snuff tobacco blends. Some of them are real masterpieces of jewelry art.


The woodwork sometimes became a bone of contention, affecting people’s lives. For example, in the 40-ies of the XVIII century the same snuff received a gift from cardinal De Fleury Frederick two sovereigns — the Russian Empress Elizabeth and the wife of the Prussian king Frederick the Great. Touched by this «egalitarianism» Elizabeth sent his snuffbox back with the offensive letter through his life-physician of the count Lestok. Letter-Lestok the French Ambassador gave tablerock them left, so to speak, on the memory. Soon the enemies at the Russian court Lestok was exiled to the distant’e. It was officially announced that one of the reasons links to other assignment Elastocom the king’s gift. Missing person «not the snuff»!

By the nineteenth century the price of tobacco by increasing its exports significantly decreased. Tobacco became more available. Now graceful boxes-snuff-boxes wanted to have fashionistas from all segments of the population. With the advent of new industrial technologies and snuff and snuff boxes began to produce in droves. Small tin boxes, similar to the female of the jars for tablets, were decorated with drawings, often erotic content.


Snuff came into use that were held in the form of toys surprises. First in Germany and then in other States there tobacco boxes pop-up hell (so where did the expression «like a Jack-in-the-box»!). These fun toys have even become heroes of fairy tales. Remember though the famous fairy tale by Andersen about a tin soldier and resistant, because of the woodwork, there is one of the main characters of this romantic story. Apparently, like snuff and was the first mechanical toys. Former ETUI to store snuff tobacco blends have become entertainment for children.


Today and tobacco in specialized stores you can find all of those small metal boxes filled with a fine aromatic dust. Snuff continue to release old, well-known tobacco company according to traditional recipes. Of the most common in Russia — English «Imperial Tobacco group Limited» and «Joseph & Henry Willson». Snuff is also sold in many tobacco shops, tobacco in supermarkets and they say, even in pharmacies.

For the production of snuff mixtures are used, the lower leaves of Bush tobacco, whereas cigar — medium, for cigarettes — upper, and pipe tobacco — and those and others. Sovremenie snuff mixtures is a variety of aromatic oils unlike cigar and cigarette tobacco, where sovremenie is the process of treating the mixture with alcohol preparations, sugars and various essenziali. Known method of soerabaya in which the tobacco is kept in barrels with plum juice I other fruits.


Previously, smelling of a mixture of frequently used waste from the production of tobacco pouch. When cutting tobacco is a number of substandard and tobacco crumbs. These residues are the remains of rubbed rubbed through a special mesh with very small holes. And now the boxes with snuff specifies the number of cells with the area of this grid. The higher the number, the finer the grind, the better and more expensive mixture. That is number 99 on the box it refers to the fineness of this tobacco is the most secure.


It remains to recall that abuse snuff not worth it. Tobacco little irritating to mucous membranes of nose and throat when inhaled can enter the lungs, the stomach and cause a number of unpleasant diseases. Of course, snuff any medicinal properties has not, rather the contrary. But it can be used as a means of moth.


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