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Money is not at all times were the coins and papers. Once long ago, different countries and nationalities used in this capacity are not well suited for the modern man things, for example:


In Japan, almost until late in samurai times, the money was Fig. Just imagine, you get paid in the form of a bag of rice, and for dinner eat paboutthat-earned money.

Guinea pigs

Is we have these cute little animals made to give children on the birthday, but in South America they eat and eat these days. And, in addition, they were used as currency. For example, the cactus jug of moonshine was worth two pigs. This is what wallets were supposed to be wealthy Inca!!


In the seventeenth century Virginia was engaged in large exports of tobacco, and since a local coin to coin was prohibited, and British pounds were still little, they were paid by tobacco ties, and the virtual, to not have to carry armfuls of tobacco.


The Cherokee, crow, and Iroquois once upon a time as money used scalps. Imagine that 10 euros is equal to 5 European scalps Squaw, for example.

Lion claws

Residents of the black continent were used as money, which is not easy to get. For example lion’s claws or shark teeth.

Cocoa beans

Here’s a tale about a money tree. The Maya and Aztec money was cocoa beans, quite good, certainly better than the scalps. Although in our part of the cocoa-tree, take root, and grow your own capital, it would be no easier than getting shark teeth.

Iron bars

Huge and long iron bars were introduced as a cash Spartan leader Lycurgus. The idea was that since all the corruption came from money, had to make it so that nobody wanted to own them. Heavy, two-meter thick iron bars were not the most convenient medium of exchange, and thus the theft almost killed, but the Spartans regained barter.

Sea shells

The locals of Australia, Avarice and South America gathered in a sea of rare cowrie shells and used them as money. Even the European colonizers was sometimes paid to each other by ligaments Kauri.


Floor Kingdom for a horse, a horse, or Vice versa for half of the Kingdom. Before white people stepped on Indian lands, the natives did not know horses. And after I learned I was fascinated with them so that any self-respecting father had several hundred head, and the horse was the main monetary tool. A good gun cost 10 Mustangs blanket — 2 Bronco. For the beautiful bride had to pay from 20 to 100 horses.

Dead animals

Or rather the skins of dead animals were the main currency in Russia almost to the XIV century. Even when the coins came together, the names remained the same, for example: nogata — sable skins with 4 legs, Kuna — marten pelt, etc.


The ancient Mongols used tree bark, they made the mark indicating the number of cattle, which they had to give the owner of this crust.

Lumps of calcite

The weight of such money rose from 3 to 5 tons. This unusual coin was used on the island of YAP in Micronesia. Of course these blocks to carry was impossible, and they were just doing another label owner. Called these money blocks Payami. By the way, the fairies were the only men with money and women’s money was bracelets made of sea shells.

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