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manygoodtips.com_12.09.2014_V7rfGdqOjVaakThere are a lot of facts that can impress even the most hard-core cynic. Without spreading the idea of the tree, read some interesting facts about us, about men.


Scientific studies have proven that the wrong men have lower IQ than their monogamous relatives.

«The analysis showed that smart men are more prone to monogamy than others,» explains the leader of a group of Swedish scientists. Such men quickly evolved and got rid of the animal heritage of the past – that is, polygamy».


Men, in total, spend a year of my life just staring at women.

The average person spends almost 43 minutes a day, considering 10 different women. That adds up to 259 hours-almost 11 days. If you take the time span is from 18 to 50, it turns out, nearly a year. (11 months and 11 days)


Studies show that men lie six times more often than women. Men lie, on average, about 3 times a day, or 1,092 times a year. At the same time, according to a new study, women lie on average twice a day or 728 times a year. Men are also less likely to feel a sense of guilt over their own lies.


Men are more at risk of death from cancer. Scientists say that this is due to lifestyle factors: tobacco, alcohol, junk food, high levels of obesity and lack of physical activity. Low socio-economic status can also be the cause of the cancer disease.


Laptop can cause infertility. Men who daily for several hours using a laptop while holding it on my knees, can suffer from infertility.

A study involving 29 men, showed that heat that comes from the laptop, in combination with the position where the feet of the man are brought together in order to put on his knees a laptop, raising the temperature of the scrotum and 2.8 degrees. And this is directly related to procreation: the higher the temperature of the scrotum, the lower the ability to reproduce.


Six months of my life a man spends on shaving. Another reason to grow a beard.


Bald men are perceived as more dominant and masculine. Thanks to the research of A. Mannes from Pennsylvania it opinion has been proven. Looking at pictures of bald men, people considered them to be higher (by 2.5 cm in average) and stronger (13%), than it actually is.


Smoking can lead to impotence in men. Yes, the threat on packs of cigarettes do not lie.

There was even a term — «nicotine impotence». It’s very simple. When you smoke, carbon monoxide (it is secreted from tobacco smoke) prevents them from receiving body of oxygen. This is the cause of damage to blood vessels. At the same time the walls of blood vessels penis is very delicate. So very likely is the so-called clogging (on the walls of blood vessels grow education). This leads to the fact that to the genitals reduces blood flow. Or one that looks at half of the sixth, or the rejection of cigarettes. Choose.


Men were the first to wear high heels, in the middle of the 1600-ies. For centuries, high heels were an essential attribute of Shoe for riding. Heel helped the rider to provide a comfortable position in the stirrups, in order that man could shoot arrows more efficiently. Women have ascended on high heels to look more masculine, considering how they were at all times infuriated gender inequality.


More than half of the bachelors to 27 years old live with their parents. Most men think that it is best to marry in 25-30 years, but over 50% are married before.

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