About kindness

manygoodtips.com_15.05.2014_eATpEjWRoHCP9Help your neighbor — one of the most idealized in human culture acts.

However, while agreeing that doing good is fine and honorable, many continue to believe that altruism may not be useful to its source or, more than capable of hurting him.

Practice shows that using the middle and far and all who benefit both sides.

1. Quid Pro quo

And in Russian: you — me, I — you.

By helping others, you would conclude with him a secret Treaty of mutual assistance, to get out of which only some are forgetful or who wish to seem those comrades.

2. The law of karma

Even if you don’t believe that the universe is keenly watching every step of the way by rewarding and punishing you, help another thing is changing in this world, and it is your perception of reality. Helping people by example, convinced that there’s a world of good. And since you can be, why others can not?

Welcome back to you — and know.

3. Feeling good

This is perhaps one of the most hackneyed statements. However, it is difficult to argue. Doing something good, you really will feel better. Even the most insignificant stuff is able to significantly improve your mood, you have every reason to be proud at least for the next few minutes.

4. A positive characteristic

Documented «good» will benefit your resume, as well as characteristics of the school or of the diploma Supplement at the University.

If you participated in volunteer activities, provided assistance to refugees, rescued drowning or blood, it definitely will not go unnoticed by a potential employer or admission Board.

In General, the moral of this text is this — do good, even out of selfish motives.

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