About how difficult it is, we are simple things

folding in a simpleTo understand is not everything. You can understand something and not successfully to follow this rule. For example, everyone knows that the teeth should be cleaned twice a day, morning and evening — otherwise you’ll have to hang out more often with the dentist and pay him money. Know everything. Who cleans? Few. And a lot of such examples.

1. The sooner you do something, the more time you have left to enjoy the result of labor. For example, once built a house and live in it until the end of life. Besides, now it will be easier to do that than then: and then again will begin to lay. Here it is — the best way to invest your hand.

2. You will never regret a workout. Do not count how many times I’ve postponed the workout for tomorrow because I was lazy, I didn’t want to get up and justified by the fact that you do not sleep enough. Guess what? Still, I never regretted about what I run. Even if I slept only an hour (and it is).

3. When I stick in the phone, I shorten your life. The smartphone is a useful thing: a bunch of specific functions that you can do with it what you want, but 90% of the time we still use it to avoid having to do things. All this time you just throw it in the trash. It will not return.

4. Work best when clean. When the house or workplace clean in the mind also becomes pure straight magic. Wake up to a clean house, everything in its place — and so it’s cool! Immediately feel the Almighty piece of shit has only useful things.

5. Creative work can be enjoyed at any time. It is no different from any other job. Inspiration is nice, but, frankly, it is not necessary. Don’t be surprised. If you wait for inspiration, you can take a lifetime to rise and harden.

6. You can manage your mood. For example, you’ll have to do some herota that you don’t want to do and that is unpleasant to you. You can delay this moment and be depressed, but you can invite yourself to pretend that you’re cool, and some time behave like you’re absolutely happy. After some time the mood is really become a good (or at least not so crappy) — possible to do senseless thing without feeling heartbroken and forgotten by God.

7. 95% of your happiness is home, health and food. You live, though not in luxury, but OK. We do weird idea of luxury, because all these pleasures, we believe the default options.

8. Our brains are sharpened by a much smaller amount than we are trying to accomplish. Nowadays people have such a wide selection of everything that options can be even the opposite. The less you have, the more joy you get from them. The fewer goals you have, the faster you reach. The smaller the portion, the better the food.

9. The best way to improve is to do what I want to do the least. Any reluctance to do whatever it should be perceived as red light: here you will find new opportunities and personal growth.

10. To bring something to the end, you have to start it while on the horizon looms the end. The idea is to make something from beginning to end, seems like Chinese torture. Imagine: you need to start do-do-do finally finish. It is much easier to think that you’re just starting out. Start and finish will be a hundred times easier.

11. When I think angry person, I’m really angry at the situation. I’m mad because suddenly life requires something new — and I cannot help associating your anger with the person who has some relationship to this situation. I would like to see things get better by themselves, and I begin to resent someone else’s behavior and thus take responsibility for their own problem. Very convenient!

12. In order to prove something, you have to forget about everything else. The brain keeps telling you that you have lit a million things to do and all they have to do well now — not a moment too soon. The first emotional outburst of any regular dude to grasp at everything, a few things at once, a lot of change, none to finish and rush to the next bunch until you fall to the ground and roared suitcase its objectives, tasks, Affairs and plans: «now carry it myself!» Instead, it is better to first try for one thing and the other does not pay attention, until you first prove to the end.

13. The most pleasant activity is to meet our dear people and to read. If you don’t count making money and travel, in this world I need nothing more. These are the most important things which for some reason has still not become our leading priorities. Think about what brings you the greatest pleasure and joy.

14. If you are with someone quarrel, then somewhere you made a mistake. Doesn’t matter who is right and who is the idiot, because you’re already fighting and it bears little resemblance to normal conversation. No one owes nothing to prove — just be angry at each other. Normal? In my opinion, so-so.

15. In the long run nothing is more important than relationships, health, financial stability and personal growth. A crisis in any other sphere of life falls on your head suddenly and passes quickly, so it is not necessary to dwell over it.

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