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Inhibition of Lewis Carroll, the Caterpillar is quite clear: it is obvious that with this device she didn’t smoke tobacco, but something stronger. Texts Carroll — all joy for the addict, but it’s not about them. Talking about the hookahs.

Indeed, it was these complex vessels in the blessed East (first in India and then in the Arab countries and Turkey) in the days when tobacco indulged in except American Indians. And smoked with them using what was at hand, hashish, and even «Sultan’s» mixture of opium, flavors and — why — crushed pearls.

The word «hookah» comes from the Arabic elephant «latrine», which in translation means simply «Smoking pipe», but for anyone familiar with marine terminology, it is filled with very special meaning). Since then, they appeared, through their vessels gurgled an incredible amount of water. Thanks to the selfless efforts of Columbus and other conquistadors tobacco is finally making an appearance in the West and in the East, and found that it is best suited for pipe Smoking. And in any case, tobacco smoke is passed through water, and this is the essence and the main content of the hookah came out as far less stinky and nasty than in the use of primitive imperfect cigars or pipes.

Of course, and now in the back streets of Istanbul or Cairo, you can, with a certain effort and some luck, to find «hookah-Hana» where very serious money can enjoy a hookah with hashish, but nine-tenths of smokers, even in those hot-abiding consume tobacco. Quite pleased with it.


In Europe hookahs appeared quite late and the popularity was not gained. Well, maybe in decadentism the high society of the turn of XIX—XX centuries, where hookahs were extremely fashionable stuff — and then probably because the smoke from them again, not only and not so much the tobacco… As with all the other tricky incense bells and whistles, and finally finished off hookahs ubiquity of cigarettes.

That is, it is in Europe so thought that hookahs can put a cross. And in the East they both smoked, and smoke until now. Moreover, recently began a new, yet careful expansion of hookahs on the West: they have become a desirable attribute of good restaurants «Arabic-style», they are brought as Souvenirs from Turkey and Egypt restless tourists. And bringing, try Smoking. Turns out, though, not at all.

Start with the fact that hookahs require a very special tobacco — no pipe, no cigarette’s no good here. Hookah tobacco is a very large cutting, and — a prerequisite — it needs to be moist, as dry tobacco bawls. And softness Smoking is one of the major advantages of hookah!

Pipe tobacco is soaked in a special syrup with different flavors — cherry, mint, Apple, apricot. Although experienced smokers (mainly far away, behind the hill) sometimes prefer a strong Turkish tobacco, without impurities, soaked with water or wine. Cup smoked tobacco at least an hour.

Flavoured not only the tobacco, but the water in the vessel. In the East particularly popular pomegranate juice and rose oil; in the West make it easier: fill in the hookah wine, brandy or even whiskey, that someone more to your taste.


On tobacco issues starting Smoking does not end there. Hookah — the device is quite complex structures. The principle is clear: the vessel with water, the tube through which passes the tobacco smoke across the top of the Cup ends below the level of the water, you draw air through another tube, the vessel creates a vacuum, and the only way for air from above, through a bowl of smoldering tobacco. Air current stirs up the tobacco, the smoke is directed downward, passes through the water, passing through purification from different contaminants (tar in hookah smoke — 0,0 mg) and cooler, fragrant jet gets into your lungs.


Sounds simple, even primitive, but nonetheless good schools for Smoking hookahs and the General supervision of the process keep special people. In Turkey they are called «kalenji», we in the Russian manner — «hookah».

Special science and how to properly install the correct amount of tobacco (9-12 g) in foil along with a Cup of- «Dul», and how to put on a «Shisha» on top of a smoldering ember (usually, this is done using special briketikov of charcoal, although in Egypt, for example, in some «Shisha-Jane» best fuel consider dried camel dung), and how to insert «Shisha» back to the hookah. Further, if done correctly, there are only a few times to take to «overclock» the system, change the mouthpiece of a hookah can be served.

In General, it is better to first learn all the wisdom of pipe Smoking under the guidance of a professional and then have to fork out to own «the machine.» Moreover, to find such a professional in Moscow and other cities of our Vast can now without any problems. And is it worth all the fun relatively inexpensive: about 300 rubles. This is if you pass the smoke through water. But if you want the fashion to smoke, using alcohol safely, plus the cost of this «something». Although for the beginning it is better to do water to get used to the new sensations. And they are very unusual: cold, tasty and aromatic smoke, the ability to take full Breasts, slight dizziness from first cigarette in a long, long time — even in heavy smokers… However, words of pleasure from hookah to convey difficult — you must try it.


The etiquette of hookah Smoking.

1. Do not place the hookah high — it needs to stand on the floor, not on the table.

2. Do not pass the hookah from hand to hand. Want to give it to another person — put on the floor, he’ll get it.

3. Not primarysite a cigarette from the coals in the hookah.

4. Offering a hookah to someone else, change the mouthpiece. However, the educated person who specializes in hookahs, will certainly find their own mouthpiece.

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