About greed for the avaricious

Greed, as you know, fraera ruined, and the avaricious paid twice. Our generous people have come up with many criticisms for greedy people. There we do not like. Live themselves on the mind capital are and there is no happiness, life is also not. Nothing.

«Greedy poor always. Know the goal and the accomplishment».

– Petrarca F. –

And I’m nice nothing

In relationships greed is even worse impotence. They can not save. It’s not an investment, and the relationship is not a business that should pay off. Sounds like a call another lady psychologist with the women’s forum, but the fact remains. It’s one thing when you have no money, it’s another when you have one, but my friend you allocate scarce resources even less than in the prisons are paid for the work. Such a strange comparison for a reason. The lady herself is like in prison. Love you in Bunin: «Sincerely and with tears,» and no happiness. Ladies need attention, gifts.

Primal instinct has not lost its relevance. Male should be the breadwinner in the house should be chocolate that you can eat, and wonder where the extra gifts, and in the weight during the holidays should be a bouquet to Instagram knew all about her happiness. And during trips to the restaurant I want to go beyond «bread and the water for 45 rubles». I want the little joys. Even if you have a small salary, but sometimes you can afford a holiday. And if the money for these pleasures are not enough should think about his life and career.

It is clear that you are young, rushing from removable corner to corner, no money, and prosperity on the horizon, not yet visible. But even here it is impossible to save on everything. From such a life because that’s crazy. Remember the Russian literature about the harsh peasant-bourgeois life. Sure there was a time when smelling total poverty house was a small celebration, the children had cookies, and my wife is earrings.

Think, for thou shalt be greedy – you throw. If you do not live together, the chances increase to several times. So, you spend money on her, and for himself, which is triple shame. She already thinks of you as one whole, and she’s even a box of «vines» for 78 rubles for a romantic evening do not buy. So don’t be surprised if left alone. Full range of Surenkov a BMW for that with joy and great generosity «agusut» your Madam. And you’d be alone, consoling himself with the fact that «Hunting strong» is a beer, and free websites «easy virtue» to do alone.

«Avaricious pays twice, and generous – how much».

– folk wisdom

Friends and greed

Don’t know which is worse, the thrift or consuming altruism. How many of these «heroes of the wide pocket» is gone, because with him all spoke of his generosity. But if you’re greedy like creature, you will forget even sooner. In any company the least like the guy who finds any excuse just to chip in less. When all drink purchased by joint efforts of Jameson, he drinks beer «Volzhanin» while they eat festive meals, it absorbs the salty rat tails personally brought from home. Well, what the hell!? All spoil the mood, and then another, and resents the fact that he was named among the Slavs common designation of persons of Jewish nationality.

Because you can’t fend off a team. The team is delighted that you are so clever, but the team wants to party, and you hinted that it was possible to get drunk on light much cheaper.

To its terms you represent less interest. Legends about your greed has reached such scale that even in the synagogue you look askance. You are not going to have fun on a Saturday night because to pay that kind of money you don’t agree. Not going with you into nature because you would rather walk 200 km under the scorching sun than to pay 500 rubles for gasoline. This is as much as 500 rubles! And you will strangle the toad! So you become not interesting to people. Everyone knows that in moments of hardship to contact you, for the man who has, like the hobbit, a hidden precious shekels just pointless. Except for advice on greed. After all, they remember your sigh of relief when he said that the birthday party can come without a gift. You were happy as Arkady Ukupnik, who was awarded «Grammy». The science is still not known that you can be happy.

We do not call to spend on pleasure and addiction. But we do not understand people who come on the booze without anything. Even if the fat brought from home.

In a stunning poetess of the Young Moritz is a funny poem about «Nicholas Sokola». We are not talking about Nikolai Baskov with Solarium and of a boy who at the rink stealthily ate delicious chocolate. Moreover, the present Soviet kid, and even «Eaglet Ilyich» is by definition not capable of, to put it mildly, not a holiday thing, and an accomplice of the imperialist dissent, and persecuted by their greed, he developed a supersonic speed and turned into a chocolate statue, podrachivaya sly shameless Soviet cockroaches. I think the message is clear.

«We are not so rich to buy cheap things».

– English proverb –

Not greedy, but economical

Some are justified, saying: «I’m not greedy, I’m Thrifty and economical. Falls on hard times, Pets will eat, and I, as a person, a life.» In fact, the economic man and the greedy are two different things. Economic – is the one who thinks about the future, leaving the rainy day Fund. Greedy is just an asshole. He does not live in the present, has no idea about the future, like some pop singer with the song a one-hit wonder.

Someone will start to stutter about bill gates and the most humble, the most successful investor in the world Warren Buffett, but they are not greedy, they simply spend much less money than they could. Because they do so well. I do not think that their loved ones lack something. So when will Buffett, then bring him up as an example. But in the meantime stop trying to save the last of breadcrumbs that start to buy is not the cheapest, but delicious foods. From those chips for 13 rubles no pleasure, no joy, only one gastritis with bloody diarrhea and syphilis of the brain.

And remember what happened with «the Sledgehammer.ru» and «VOS» when they tried to optimize your website. About «Sledgehammer» and we remember only its Creator, because to pay the fees when there are free «Avito» at hand, is just silly. A «Black SUN» paid Appendix once the best that was freaky in the segment of online journalism, interesting only to the author himself and a few devoted fans. Remember the island of Nauru, which was full of deposits fosforito, so that its inhabitants became fabulously wealthy. It ended up that knew no bounds greed of the islanders literally gave their island. Now it does not even have trees, and sheer poverty. Pay attention, no wonder one singer sang that nothing on earth passes without a trace. The remaining balance will be with the vile aftertaste of poverty. You can accumulate capital, but you will be despised by all and alone.

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