About anything at least once lied to any woman

manygoodtips.com_24.01.2014_yHCLpgszOQVBiSo, a relationship based on trust. Yes, better a bitter truth than a sweet lie. Oh yeah, moralfag, how many of you in this world! What if I say that it is a scientifically proven fact that all people lie every day? Exactly how much do not undertake to state: I have seen different data, a huge variation — from three to fifty times a day. Even if you say that in your day, stretching the truth only three moralioglu of times, still it testifies to the fact that a friend from time to time too, you something keep back as you are to her. Their sins, you know, poke will not (and it’s not in my interests), but girls, expose, expose Oh!

«I’m not mad»

Well, Yes, of course. Don’t think you got off easy. About that ladies lie to us often. Usually women that men already have, use that phrase as a sort of emotional protection. For example, a man forgotten, when a friend’s birthday, or called her name his ex, or something screwed up — really think the girlfriend will let him get away with this hand? What! Girls obsessed with this, going to upset yourself even more and will be worn with this slight slip as with a written sack.

Instead of acknowledging that you hurt her feelings, a woman struggling pretends she doesn’t care. In reality, it is a matter of, what else, but she does not want to look as though she’s always bombing, and it is only those involved that it was seeking reasons for conflict.

Signal: the lies are easy to catch because women in such circumstances cannot hide the irritation. This kind of nonsense, but girlfriend really expect us to read their thoughts and understand what they’re really saying: «I’m angry as a dog» and «I send you invisible rays of hatred die.» Eye-rolling, raised voices, the good old passive-agressive — there’s your proof.

What to do: You will save yourself a lot of time and nerves, if you call a Frank talk with her about her feelings and discuss with her what made her so angry.

«Go see a Striptease for all I care»

Most sane friend in the world! Almost your man. Too good to be true? The way it is. The world is predictable, like a boiled egg (which is impossible to digest): all women are not happy with the fact that their man looks at another naked woman when they’re not around. The only question is the degree of the lack of enthusiasm.

Why do women say that? Don’t want to look owners and dependent on men. They don’t want you to feel the sexual tension next to some woman but herself — weird, huh? Therefore, she does not like when you’re hanging out with friends by himself.

Signal: the lie hidden a bit more carefully than the previous because it says more about women’s insecurities. Just take it on faith that it’s a lie.

What to do: do Not go. Ask yourself: is it worth a two-hour contemplation of naked ass of weeks or even months biting comments?

«I’m not ready for a relationship»

And again: usually this phrase is a lie, but it is said with good intentions, to sweeten the pill. Maybe this phrase will be another excuse: «I just got out a bad relationship, and I don’t want me getting hurt all over again» or «I’m really busy with his career to find yourself someone.» The truth is that if a woman does not have anyone she’s interested in you, she will find you. Very simple.

Signal: You think she’s embarrassed? She tries not to look you in the eye, talks too much, and smothers you with excuses? Here is a liar!

What to do: nothing. Don’t even have to say that I got her on lies will still deny it. Try to look at the situation is easier, pretend to believe and go your way.

«Today, I pay for everything»

And that’s not true. Of course, this applies not to all women, but for the most part they still expect you to pay for them, especially if you’re invited. If you want to split the check, she’ll think you’re greedy. Men should always at least offer to pay for his companion, once they have it somewhere called. If she fervently protests, well, divide the bill evenly. If the protest is inactive, she does it out of politeness.

Signal: she says She’ll pay, but not reaching for her purse to pull out the wallet. Lies and does not blush.

What to do: Dude, just go on dates prepared and Packed. When the relationship will stand the test of time, will be able to pay for everything separately or together. Then, not now. Now be afraid to look greedy.

«That was awesome!»

Sex slippery topic. When you already have commitments to each other, she focuses on them and often believe that you are her only man. So women try to tell us what we want to hear from them (e.g. that they have had an orgasm), so we felt good.

So, about the sex they always lie. «I’ve finished with you». «You have the biggest dick». «So, I turned To you I had so many guys» (she’s totally underestimates the number of your ex so you don’t think she is a prostitute or cheated on anyone).

Signal: When it comes to sex (and this is a very sensitive topic), it is better to keep in mind that she will always talk about you a little better than it really is.

What to do: do Not ask her to describe their feelings, period. It’s like something in a movie. Derivational. If she is without question on your part makes this false hurdy-gurdy, laugh and change the subject or say, «that’s Nice, but I don’t think it matters, until we are both satisfied with our sex life».

Lie detector

Now that you know everything, don slept. You will not have to make a scene and accuse her of lying, shouting. Do it politely and gently. When she realizes that you won’t spend, she will stop trying.

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