About animals and people

Zaradi.com.ua_25.02.2014_mNYDuTFRL9cRKMan considers himself the crown of creation and are generally the coolest on the planet. So, I guess. However, many of his accomplishments he owes to the wild beasts, with whom he had to cooperate to survive and grow. For many centuries man has tamed more than 50 species of animals, and although not all friendship lasted a long time, some of them still live closely and cooperate with us.

The dog — first friend

This friendship began in those ancient times, when humans and wolves hunted the same ungulates and did not hesitate to eat up each other. Though they were competitors to each other, but together to protect the herd from other predators. It is better to divide food into two tribes, than three. Besides, people have been hunting by day and wolves by night. And became friends wolf and man, and friendship this is already more than 18 000 years. If I knew wolves, to what it will bring this friendship to their race and how because of man the wolf will change in appearance and in habits! But not all wolves were domesticated by humans and became dogs in the woods and still full of wild wolves, being friends with that person is no longer required.


Poor lamb

Oh, you poor sheep… Sheep may be poor, but our ancient ancestors with sheep first came to know class divisions, and the sheep was the first sign of the money. The more goals there were the owner of the herd, the richer he was considered. Sheepskin has become the warmest clothes for man, allowing him to move further North. Sheep next to the man for about 12,000 years.


Gus pig is not a friend

Of course, not a friend. The role of the goose is much less significant for human development. But as for the pigs, here modern man should be grateful to her not just for bacon, even though pork meat is so loved man that he decided to tame the wild boar, so the meat was always at hand. The person did it. And since pigs are not fans of far to go, he had to leave her nomadic life. So about 11 000 years ago, thanks to the lazy pig came the first cities and the material culture of mankind.


Business cat

The cat came to the man with a business proposition after she got tired of the walk itself in search of prey. She pushed the person in such conditions: I will take control rodent populations that settled in your store of grain, and you give me blood, milk, and care. The man agreed and have not regretted. The cat fulfilled its part of the contract and thus helped the development of agriculture. In our days, after about 10,000 years, not all cats carry out the agreement made by their ancestors, but in the villages the cat still serves the person and destroy rodents, in return she can sometimes get a bowl of milk, and maybe Slippers in the face, if not catch mice.



If a pig and a cat helped a man settle down in one place and farm, the cow, on the contrary, a man forced to move on. The one who chose pork and beef, was forced to become a nomad. In search of new pastures, the herdsmen went around the new land, and to drive herds of man helped the dog. The cow was domesticated by man 7,000 years ago.



As soon as the husband got on a horse, and it happened about 5000 years ago, he was able to travel long distances in less time (up to 300 km per day). So frisky horse gave man the world. And the opportunity to Rob those who settled on one place.

The farmer was also happy friendship with a horse: a horse plough and plough many times increased productivity of the peasant.


The domestication of the camel has helped people to make the desert habitable. Elephants have been tamed for hard work and war. Ducks, geese and other do not play a special role, except that the chicken gave man not only meat and eggs, but the flu. Rumor has it that, when people domesticated the chicken, the first epidemics of influenza.

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