About a bored wife or lazy husband


We are already 10 years together. And while I try to diversify your life: read books, study English, play sports (sometimes), I suggest the husband to go out. He has every night the same: a bottle of beer with the movie or TV series. He seems to not mind more variety in the entertainment, but complained of fatigue after work, and my proposal rejects skepticism (despite the fact that his work is physically easy). How can I lift his ass off the couch?

I don’t think you can do that the answer is correct and long. But I’ll try.

All this stuff about the beer and the TV shows let say not much, but something is clear at a glance. Tired after work — this is garbage. Tired of all the miners, and the doctors, and even half of our editorial team. Of course, there are times when the work really turns you into a vegetable, but I don’t think anyone in this situation, I would like a beer and watch TV, this is not our example. Now run across the defenders of morality, starts to blame me for stupid advice, and maybe even advise something yourself, but I will tell you what I think about it.

He’s just lazy. Well, there is a normal wife that I was able to enchant the man-procrastinator, which after 10 years has forgotten that his wife is also a living person, taking it for granted. Your desires are at odds with his desires, and he is a little shit. If your question is «What do I do?» not «How can I lift his ass off the couch?», I would advise you to dance on their own, without his «priests». With girlfriends, friends and other individuals to do what you want, but if you do this, people will be outraged, no one is forcing you to stay at home, he can join at any time. But the question is: «How can I lift his ass off the couch?»

I hasten to disappoint you. It’s either extremely difficult, or even impossible. Even if your efforts are successful, the result will be temporary. It’s that type of person. Sofa + beer + TV, unfortunately, is the best entertainment for many people in this country. Of course, I can write a lot of phrases like «switch itself that he was afraid of losing you», «pretend that you got yourself somebody», «try to understand that he is interested in, and share his interests»… In all this circus, there is one thing: eggs in it. The man he was. He needs to wrestle with how to make your life interesting and rich, and not you, putting the question of how all the same to stir it. He doesn’t need the extra traffic, because there you that you can think of something to entertain and something to offer him.

In General, returning to the answer to the question, I would say that without a strong concussion, he would not trade your comfort zone for any kind of entertainment. Can you give an example from my life that you understand how hard some cuddles on the couch. I had similar friends who have a negative attitude to everything except the TV and sofa, and now, after 7-8 years when my life had changed several times, these guys have a utopian stability. Morning — work — sofa/TV — supermarket a couple of times a week and the New year every 365 days. That’s about it. One of them even had a kid however, then wife took it with him leaving, as well as shelter, by the way, for which he is not a strong and rested, because the couch and TV moved to an apartment. And I wouldn’t call him weak-willed man, he’s just broken priorities, he believed that the sofa is more important than the education of his son, which grows.

In your case, the person does not understand that the interests of the wife is much more important than another series. I’ll try to give a few simple tips on what to do next.

1. The easiest way. Try to talk to him openly about what’s bothering you is his sedentary lifestyle. Tell it like it is, maybe your case is not so severe and he will listen to your words.

2. If the first tip does not help, try to «seize power» in the family and become its Chairman, after all to manage only the entertainment side of life will fail. Don’t let control you, you decide everything from whether to buy this or that thing, and ending with the fact that you will have for Breakfast. In your orders also get entertainment. Say that you go to the movies, followed by let it be the choice of film. Or straight out say: «over the weekend we will have an easy ride» and a destination may choose it.

3. If this Council is not going to work, write in the comments, and advisers we can find.

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