A woman who likes to be friends with men


Hello, dear Bro.

I really need your advice. I will try to write briefly and to the fact.

Problems in a relationship with a girl. Or rather, in me.

This: she constantly walks around and goes to the apartment to the children (some have girlfriends/wives), always without me.

It is not important.

The point is, I know who and how it tries to stick.

And we very often lately quarrel on this topic. I just don’t want her to let go, where every 1-2 weeks there is a new boyfriend.

Small note: with these people she met, like, 2-3 months ago.

With her we meet almost 2 years.

I can’t take… so Last month I only do that angry and jealous.

Help, Bro.

The answer

Hello, dear friend. Once again I will Express gratitude on behalf of our entire team for what you with us. Without you, without readers, we are powerless, like a reindeer without Santa Claus.

Sentiment away and move on to your problem. Somehow I remembered an old, bearded like an old Osho joke.

«It was Adam in the garden of Eden. Suddenly he lost his edge.

– Fuck! – cursed Adam.

And it was so».

Do not rush to accuse us of rudeness and assaults to your Madam. Right Here, in fact, solve nothing. Tell you one instructive story.

Friends my friends had a friend (namely the so-called friends, whom I am ashamed to admit that communicated). Just a regular guy. Not ugly, not handsome. But it doesn’t matter. Was he beloved the girl, they began to live almost on the third day of Dating. Their quiet life lasted 2 years. Honestly, not lying to you. Life experience has convinced me that 2 years for any relationship is dangerous date: it or it is interrupted, or happily continues.

So, back to our all of the meaning of sheep. Everything about them was seemingly okay, but the lady likewise adored live chat with strong floors. And not only with the strong. She was a very sociable lady with an active lifestyle. Well, everything else pretty wildly, which in combination with other advantages has made it the object of secret perverse fantasies even his best friends. But the boy was quiet, calm homebody. In fact, understanding that the lady needs to do something with the energy he was never against dialogue with her close friends. And these friends she had known longer than him. Of course, doubts, but she dispelled them by a solemn oath on the impossibility of the relationship «with such a weakling, which she knows from school», a passionate kiss and humiliating feature of «just a friend».

Oh, women! Oh, worthless oath! Friends there were many, meeting them was almost weekly. In the depths of our hero was tormented by doubts, but he bravely brushed aside. Even when the abdomen began to feel discomfort, even when the reproductive organs appeared the constellation of red spots, even then it is, pure and true as a tear Komsomol, was thinking about the lack of intimate hygiene. Friends who tried to open his eyes, he stubbornly wouldn’t listen. He wanted to remain faithful to the noble ideals of love, and left in the cold when the lady came over stuff and said that she leaves him for another friend. Cynical bitch even did not hesitate to explain the origin of suspicious symptoms and was advised to visit a doctor, which she already was. The problem is also that unfortunate illness led to his infertility. It is clear that it was necessary to go to the doctor, not to engage in useless self, as it is clear that he is an absolute mug, but the story is revealing. Here’s a she, female loyalty.

The fact is that women love male attention. Just as we like to feel the lords and owners of their second halves. So it was, is and always will be. By the way, is full of ladies who are more comfortable communicating with the «peasant» flooring than with other ladies. Well not they find a common language with their peers. Especially if she is sociable, as our heroine. They can communicate and not change… But the man is very unpredictable. And when is the hormone, then everything else is heading into the abyss, in Mongolia.

She probably finds in their company what it lacks to communicate with you. Here’s blunders. Even if she wasn’t cheating, in your cozy world has a big problem: she doesn’t listen, disregards my feelings. Loving the lady listen’d do anything if only you didn’t doubt. And she you’re dull, uninteresting. So nothing good is not over. After all, this is a regular bun, each time with new friends, not meeting with friends once a month. She’s not an actress, and the fans clearly do not seek to find in her face a trusted friend for spiritual conversations. They do not call it in another network pyramid, they rely entirely on the other. You know, men can be very persuasive. And no matter that they had families and girls, because they don’t take them with you on the «Sabantui» and you too from something not called.

So leave it for good. Run away – honesty and loyalty left the temple of love. Nothing good is not over. You can enable man to ream her, forbid to communicate with them, to call all those friends, on occasion even to stuff their faces for emphasis. But there is one caveat: it’s not worth it. Be strong, it’s not easy, but if you respect yourself, believe the man, then forced you to take such action.

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