A woman has filed a lawsuit against swearing parrot


Parrots are funny creatures, and their crazy chatter, on the one hand, wildly deliver, and very annoying. This woman can only sympathize: the neighbor’s parrot drove her to rage.

A woman from Rhode island filed a complaint against her neighbor, the owner of a wonderful parrot, that fear liked to swear. In addition, a woman said that an object of Mat has always been it. The court sentenced the owner of a parrot to a fine of fifteen dollars. Somehow not serious, do not find?

Being a proud woman, the mistress of swearing parrot refused to pay the fine and filed an appeal. However, the court refused to consider the complaint, deciding that this is a minor issue. Now the woman is simply obliged to go in the instance above. A neighbor-how hard it offends you stupid bird! However, in this story, all good.

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