A woman from abroad: pros and cons

manygoodtips.com_10.07.2015_x1K5SanPnVNVDIn our global era increasingly breaking out relationships between people from different countries. On the one hand, we should be glad that you were able to snatch a juicy Swedish. On the other hand, is not so simple.


1. Pull to birches

As well as times, day and night, slam heart, and want something of their own, native. And it’s not just about more native and understandable to a Russian woman. And suddenly you have everything spun, all grown-up? She is to you, you to it, whatever. When the relationship with another soul you will begin to chafe, there are some problems. Are you over her, and she lives with you. And th? «Yankee, go home»? Rather impolite. And if the opposite? You’re in a foreign land, in a foreign country. First, joy, happiness, and then sadness. And her mouth begins to curve English you persistently annoy. And to go nowhere.

2.The difference of mentality

Too we are all different. Differences in food, Outlook on life. You will find some Japanese woman – shaped alien because, compared to domestic Marusia! And while you explain that the soup is not perekisshy soup, and a package of packages is a common attribute of any Russian home, in head creeps seditious thought: «How you got me! It would be better with Marusia love built».

By the way, it is not strange, but political differences can also be. No matter how Patriotic you are, but if there ever was a Czech American… well, anyone starts to tell me what they think about mother Russia, you can greatly bombanut from the stream of hatred for your country. Here it is, anyone can be a patriot. And try to prove that «Crimea is ours»!

3.Distance is a pain

So, you agreed. And then what? Where are you gonna live? You can’t move exactly the same as it is to you. And there is only vile and disgusting love at a distance. You’ll see less frequently than sailors, because the ticket, say, to Australia is quite expensive. And starts longing, betrayal at home with a more affordable countrymen and Masturbation on Skype. Long-distance relationships – the worst kind. Kilometers can destroy even the strongest love. And when the relationships are so much subtleties and nuances, the result seems obvious.

4. Expensive to call

You break up, you drink and you call her a drunk. To another country. It’s very expensive, accidentally calls another continent.

Okay, that sounds pretty doubtful, but also a problem. Think of the money.

5.Lack of understanding of loved ones

Not all your friends and family will like this situation. Her dad personally threatened the Soviet submarines during the Cuban missile Crisis, and now this betrayal is the daughter of Katsap dragged. And your family and friends the feeling that they’ll lose. Still, times have already contacted the foreigner, so be sure to have immigrated! And goodbye Romeo! But it is only in extreme cases, not always comes to a serious relationship.

6. Bad language

She: «Madmazel, EPT, can you make me some tea!», – and she gives you a smile, gives a few sentences of which you understand is that «today», «smoke» and «dog». And what did she mean by that? Probably the fact that you have a terrible language barrier, and, with all sympathy, with insufficient knowledge of the language you will have the main thing – understanding. Why, do you have any understanding with each other will not. And then it turns out that she, like Zooey Deschanel from «500 days of summer»: a seemingly cute, but the inside is still the same Viper!

And Yes, the relationship can start in people who do not know the language of each other. There are other «tools of the senses» work.

7. Don’t count on something serious

The fact that foreign women our Russian brother – the same exotic, as they are for us. Won’t generalize, but for many this is the case. It is important to write in your personal list is a bit foreign and exotic. If you are satisfied, then no problem! But if you want a serious relationship, not the fact that they set up. Maybe she also wants to play with Russian Exotica and learn is good «Russian Ivan», as he is painted. Oh, this vicious and disgraceful.

8. She is just using you

Come with their poor Albania and Zimbabwe, looking at beautiful Russian life, tempt our kids, and then after a few months: «Mom, I’m pregnant. This Batumba, she will live with us»… Rather, because usually the opposite. But strange as it may seem, such cases are too. When the girls from the fourth world cling to a more prosperous life in a more well-fed country. And even on the shoulders of men.

She is spying on you

A spy, a spy. To cover going out with you. Actually performs the task, and then throw you, and all. And you will remain in the ass with a broken heart, and she’ll be back to yourself and will receive a medal and the title «hero of Botswana».


1. Plus in personal credit

The notorious clause on «tick in the list of personal achievements.» Yes, it will be something to tell my friends a beer about how you fucked a Japanese girl and this was something very strange and unusual. You’re not to work on domestic production. You need to understand the world by any means available.

2. Good offspring

Scientists say that you have to be very smart, beautiful and healthy children. The likelihood of genetic diseases in such pairs is much lower. So if it has gone this far, rejoice: children will be healthy and very beautiful.

3. Chance to immigrate

You hate the «Raska». «Rashka» just hates you. Born clear realization that we must go. But where? To whom? Here comes to the rescue and familiarity with your foreign nymph. It will bring you up to speed, talk about the country, how to live, how to be, and then you decide that you love your Homeland or not. Well, if you go too far, then you have a huge chance to acquire citizenship. Wife is a citizen is a bonus, which you can dream. But read more here and here

4. Intercultural exchange

You make a good point – intercultural exchange. Break the damn border, old grudges and make the world one big Playground for all. On their own, but they do. Maybe not as efficient as the world socialist revolution, but still. And your relationship – a clear indication that love has no boundaries. For many, it is a powerful motivator, even stronger than our articles.

5.Learn the world

Well, not get you anything, but you better know some single country and its inhabitants. This knowledge will never be superfluous. Plus an incentive to go abroad. A better guide than a local resident. And if you have enough sense to leave on good terms, in a warm loving environment, then you have a friend abroad.

6.The most unusual thing that happened in your life

She’s probably the most unusual thing that ever happened to you in your boring grey life. All these nuances of communication, understanding each other, the charm of travel, especially if you are in a neutral country, easy exoticism of the moment and the best sex will make your novel unforgettable. In his later years, being senile, you’ll remember it as the best event of my life and even to write in «Wait for me» so they found the mysterious Mongolian.

7. Goodies

It will bring you the real beats and Iphone. The most that neither is true. And trendy sneakers, watches Montana, and poster, and licensed VHS movies van Damme. Because she loves you. And in fact about the iPhone was not a joke. A friend of mine, very nice deals with a citizen of Switzerland, who generously gives her partner, despite the fact that she has a boyfriend in Switzerland, and she was seeing my friend max once a year.

Yes, it’s cynical and low, and, perhaps, cowardly to seek benefits in love, but if the relationship is nothing extraordinary promise, why not?

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