A weapon that was not justified. Part II

Continue the story of infamous fighters in the military and technological front on which were placed great hopes, but which themselves have not lived. And what kosher by design projects!

Class cruiser «Mogami»


Cruisers «Mogami» was designed by the Japanese in accordance with the limitations of naval armament referred to in the Washington naval agreement. Graceful ships, which surpassed in quality any light cruisers of any other nation. In fact, the project was presented to the same requirements as the 10,000-ton heavy cruisers, but to accommodate all the required 8,500 tons standard displacement. So nobody was surprised when presented in the summer of 1931, despite measures to facilitate housing and application of welding, had a standard displacement of 9,500 tons.

However, attempts to shove a huge whopper in the framework of the light cruiser was not a success. During a training exercise on one of the cruisers after volley broke the welds. After the storm, within the same exercise, all ships of the class «Mogami» damage turrets which just stopped coming back. After the Americans kicked the Japanese ass in the salt water near midway, the lead ship of this class, which detonated almost all torpedoes, which tore off the bow, but which miraculously remained afloat, desperately not wanting to go on a visit to Davey Jones, was turned into an amazing hybrid of aircraft carrier and cruisers. However, life in the form of a hybrid seemed short and less than useless. As a result, the vehicle still fell into the clutches of Neptune with 192 members of the crew after a three-pointer hit by American torpedoes. Likely, since the Japanese have ceased to be wise and started to do efficiently and conscientiously.

Battleships of coastal defense «Popovka»


In the 1870-ies of these floating fortresses were built to protect Russian interests in the Black sea and the Dnieper. The Russian Admiral Popov was inspired by the British shipbuilder, who argued that the ideal warship should be round in shape. It is in honor of the initiative of the Admiral, who supervised the construction of ships and got its name – «Popovka». It was built in two pieces, the bride «Novgorod» and «Kiev». In theory, these round ships had a capacity of thousands tons of arms, were better protected from enemy shots and was more maneuverable. But the reality, ironically, has been very different. However, immediately after the launching of «Novgorod» and «Kiev» showed his stupidity in all its glory. They were too slow to move against the current, it was hard to maneuver, and they were off course. In addition, to conduct aimed fire from the guns was extremely problematic, because because of the flat bottom of the ship became unstable. However, during strong wave «Popovka» not rocked on the waves, on the contrary, a wave rolled across the deck.

There was a rumor like when the gun fired, the boat had to turn, but it’s just a rumor. Problems and so enough, but this is too much. In the end, slow, useless, never tested in battle round whopper put on the coast guard. To serve them was unbearable.

Rifle Ross


At the time, sir Charles Ross has created a high-precision hunting rifle that the canadian government considered the perfect weapon for the army. But the first months by the canadian subjects of His Majesty George V in the trenches of the First world, quickly proved the unsuitability of the canadian rifles. First, the rifle was longer than the standard British firearms, and to wield a long gun in close trenches very uncomfortable. But this was only the beginning of a long list of problems. A bayonet, some confusion, who have fallen during the fire (and the bayonet in trench wars was often more useful than a ball). The internal mechanisms of the rifle was severely damaged and ceased to work, barely got there the omnipresent dirt and moisture. However, the weakest point was the longitudinal-a sliding shutter, which in some vybrakovkoj made the shot with the shutter closed, led to disastrous consequences as the rifle and shooter. The Canadians refused to rifles, barely joining with them in battle. Instead, they decided to collect the weapons of dead enemies and allies.

Boeing BQ-7 Aphrodite


Don’t know what to do with old worn out planes? Turn them into flying bombs. So at the time, did the Americans learn from anything serious does not fit Boeing b-17 real radio-controlled flying bombs. Not disappear as good, in fact. For this purpose, the machine filmed all the extra weight: on-Board weapons, drognan, bomb sights, radio equipment, which allowed to reduce the weight of the machine approximately 5400 pounds In the bomb Bay «Aphrodite» was loaded with an explosive charge, consisting of 9000 kg of torpex. This load is several times larger than the normal load of explosives on Board the bomber.

Nevertheless, in 40-ies of the automated system was not yet able to lift the plane into the air. Therefore, together with the bomber flew (of course, to detonation; detonation after they flew into the air just in case something went wrong) two pilots. After the launch and climb of 600 meters, both pilots leave the aircraft with parachutes after setting the autopilot. If you think that control of a flying bomb was carried out from the ground, then you are greatly mistaken. Control was carried out on Board of the bomber accompanying CQ-17, on Board of which the operator is tracking the flight of the projectile, both visually and using images from the cameras, sent a car to the goal. Directly above the operator turned the car into a dive, and she was carrying death on its wings. So that’s unfinished and stunningly awkward was the grandfather of drones.

Finally his unfitness he courageously argued during 1944. The aircraft lost control immediately after ejection, missed the goal. A few pilots died because of the mistakes in the bailout, some is due to loss of control. Aircraft wrote out the circles over the guns, blew hectares of forest (still, with so many explosives on Board). The autopilot was not working and the program just killed the pilots and spent and without large resources. Only one aircraft reached the target, despite the fact that they were sent 4, but three of them failed almost immediately, and one that flew, honestly, missed, too, but fell close enough to cause objective tangible harm.

The project was killed more than the enemies. One of the victims of the project was the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., who exploded in the air. As you can guess, he was the older brother of John F. Kennedy, future President of the United States.

Linear class ships «Viribus Unitis»


It was the first ship of the line, which combined treboradice tower with linear-very uplifting. It was designed and built in Austria-Hungary shortly before the outbreak of the First world war. On paper this was a formidable ships of the formidable armor, and 12-inch guns. In practice, these battleships was a real disaster. All their heavy weapons were too massive. The lead ship of this class was incapable of maneuvers and quick turns. In the result during the First world ships mostly stayed in the port. When they got into battle, it immediately became clear: would be better if they didn’t. In 1918 two destroyers attacked an Italian torpedo boat. One of them bent down so that the meeting with Goldfish and the mistress of the Sea began to seem inevitable. Valiant Austrian sailors started to do everything to keep the vehicle in a level position, even moved all the guns on the other side, turned turret, but it was not enough. The ship rolled over and sank.

After the war left the battleships were to be transferred into the hands of the victors. Ironically, their new owners were the Italians, against whom the «miracle-ship» and fought. Surprisingly, the main ship of Tegethoff was named in honor of Admiral Wilhelm von Tegetthoff, Austrian Admiral of the XIX century, which defeated the Italian fleet at the battle of Lissa. The Italians, honestly, such a useless fleet was a gift not needed, and then finally realized, what’s the use of battleships a bit, they handed over the ship for scrap. Ironically, the ship named Admiral fell into the hands of, and was destroyed by the country that he at one time won.

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