A virtuous life: temperance


Is there a less attractive idea than moderation? Yet when Benjamin Franklin began his journey of a virtuous life, this was where he wanted to focus to begin with. He chose moderation to begin a program of self-improvement, because moderation mind remains cold, and the thoughts clear. This is necessary when you need to be vigilant, to resist the temptations and bad habits.

In other words, self-discipline in the field of food and beverages will make further improvement easier.

Why is that? Hunger and thirst are some of the main reasons, and thus, they are some of the most difficult to manage. Therefore, in order to achieve self-discipline should start with the most basic habits and handle these areas of passion. Employees must first use their internal beliefs, before pursuing external qualities. A clear mind and a healthy body is a pre — requisite to the conduct of a virtuous life.

Don’t eat to stupor

The glutton is much more than an animal and less than human. ~ Honore de Balzac.

Have you ever noticed that the first few pieces of wonderful food — most delicious? After a few pieces of bright flavors become much paler, and not so excites the taste buds.

Today, many put food in your mouth so quickly that their languages not be able to capture this transition. Still the brightness change of taste is one way in which the stomach is trying to tell you that this is enough and should stop eating. Unfortunately, people ignore this signal and continue there for a long time after the beep. This results not only much less pleasant food experience, but also a distended stomach.

A lot of people noticed the paradox that foodies and indeed all who spend the whole day around food are often in good physical shape. There is no mystery. Chefs eat only the best, most wonderful products, and when they dine, they really savor every bite.

There are a million books on various diets, but the one thing that people should know to keep in shape is this: eat when hungry, stop when you are full. Don’t eat in front of the TV or on the go. To eat, sit down. Savor every bite and think about the flavours you feel. When the flavors become less vivid and you feel that the stomach is full, stop eating.

Don’t drink to cheer up

Drinking makes fools of people and people are such fools that go for it. ~ Robert Benchly.

Many great men have enjoyed alcohol. It is believed that drinking a lot of good alcohol bravely. But in fact there are few things more virtuous than to walk drunk. So we suggest you guys to think about it.

This guy looks manly? No. It is similar to an enema.

The basis of courage is responsible. But the booze is contrary to this responsibility. A drunk person loses self-control. If something goes wrong, he often blames it on the alcohol. A real man controls himself in any situation.

Men should strive to rid yourself of any addictions. Alcohol can cause several, the most obvious of which is alcoholism. But frequent drinking can cause more tricky dependencies: for example, a person begins to need alcohol to be brave or funny. Real men are confident enough, to not need liquid courage and dynamic enough to yourself to cheer yourself up.


Men often try to cloud your judgment with food and alcohol to avoid meeting face to face with real problems. But this only leads to new problems. If you reduce the amount of consumed food and alcohol, you’ll have the strength to become a more perfect person.

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