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One of the most common stereotypes about men – that they are sloppy and untidy. At least they show us on TV. A familiar picture: a man sits in a chair, and all around ruined? Beer cans, empty boxes of pizza strewn all over the room. The guy usually dressed in dirty stretched t-shirt with food stains. Such a sad image of the modern man. Could not be more wrong.

Note, however, that among men, another common stereotype is directly linked to the occurrence of this carelessness: they believe love to order exclusively female trait. Though actually caring for the environment develops attention to detail, work ethic and confidence. Moreover, cleanliness facilitates the orderly development of life.

The history of cleanliness

The content of many concepts has changed over time and probably the understanding of the purity fluctuated more than others. We might be surprised how clean it was understood two hundred years ago, but today’s notions of purity would have surprised the people of that time. Throughout history until the present day ideals of purity has changed a lot.

For the ancient Romans and Babylonians purity simply means to take a shower with water or with the help of the servants who poured people the top. Soap was made from ashes and animal fat. The Greeks created the first aqueduct and the citizens were washed under a piece of pipe in the public baths in different parts of the city.

For the ancient Roman cleanliness meant rubbing the body with oil and dust. When the body has accumulated a substantial layer of dirt, it was scraped with special tools like a rake. Then my husband took a bath: at first warm, then hot, then cold. All the action could happen in a public bath, where it was possible to spend a few hours in a row. Soap is usually not used.

Early Christian purity, it seems, was not considered a virtue. In fact, the dirtier a person is, the nicer he thought. Purity was considered a sinful luxury, and because monks and nuns, who took care of piety more than their earthly counterparts, avoided bathing, to show his righteousness.

During the «black death» (plague in Europe and Asia in the fourteenth century) purity meant for people, everything except taking a bath. People thought that the disease catches the person immediately after he will visit the baths. This theory was based on the fact that hot water expands the pores, and through them into the body penetrates the disease. The crust of dirt and the smell was, according to medieval people, to scare off the infection. Bathing shunned literally like the plague. And so it continued until the XVII century, when the baths are back in fashion.

And even then, in the XVII century, in France cleanliness meant the frequent changing the linen. It was believed that flax has a special power and pulls from the body of dirt and impurities like a magnet. To change the shirt was as effective as taking a bath.

Frequent bathing was not popular until the mid-nineteenth century, when they were discovered germs and made technical breakthrough in the field of water technology.

And then began the race of manufacturers of hygiene products who excitedly raised the bar on the concept of «purity». When in the early XX century advertising became commonplace, soap, deodorants, tooth powders excitedly began to convince us that we have some problems with cleanliness. People began to consider the problem of various body odors and to get rid of them by any means.

Why cleanliness is important?

Can be a virtue so fickle standard? So. Despite the fact that the idea of purity varied from epoch to epoch, it is different in different cultures, according to today’s standards makes sense.

Cleanliness improves health. Regardless of what caused this feeling has arisen it is in itself or as a result of social conventions, to keep clean your body, clothes and the house is undoubtedly nice. Hot shower, clean shirt and a clean house make you energetic and ready for new business.

Purity makes your mind fresh and life is well organized. If your house is a mess, your thoughts are in chaos. It is appropriate to recall the concept of Feng Shui. It is, of course, full of obscure dependencies and correspondences, but something about her is very reasonable, namely the idea that there is a connection between the space around you and your thoughts. Clutter will drag you down and disappoint. Clean, well organized house, on the contrary, will lift your spirit.

Purity is pleasing to the eye. The way you present yourself in life, is of paramount importance. If you, your clothes and your house are in disarray, people will judge your character and personality accordingly. Perhaps it’s unfair, but so it goes. When you look neat, the surrounding perceive you differently and have you a better opinion.

Purity leads to beauty. Accuracy, proportionality and symmetry are perceived as beautiful and pleasing to the eye. When we make their lives clean and keep it in order we make the space around them more beautiful.

How to find a balance

The key to cleanliness, and every other virtue lies in moderation. No need to be a clean-freak. No need to constantly think about germs. It’s amazing how many tools invented by cosmetic companies to eliminate them! Now you can even spray a special spray to protect toothbrushes from germs, and even to sterilize them with UV rays. In advertising we are shown the terrible bacteria that are hiding in our toilets and mobile phones. Most of them is just a trick designed to get us to consume antimicrobials. Our grandparents every day had to deal with a large amount of bacteria than we do today, but they nevertheless survived.

Today’s exaggerated striving for purity actually weakens our health. Our immune system is like a muscle that requires exercise in order to be in shape. The immune system needs to deal with the dirt and bacteria to be able to fight diseases. If your immune system is not trained in fighting bacteria, she eventually let you down, and bacteria will prevail.

In addition, remember that body odor is normal. Seneca, the Roman orator and writer, rebuked the lovers of baths in that they do not smell «the army, farm work and courage.» While advertising campaigns convince us that pour from head to toe deodorant is a great way to appeal to women, life experience tells us otherwise. Of course, the smell of perfume attracts women, but even more they like the natural male scent. To use various similar means normal, but it is important not to overdo it.

Practice clean

Don’t live like a slob. Our society is intensely subject to the stereotype that all men are Sluts, although there is nothing particularly courageous. Everything: men and women are on the line of least resistance when it comes to cleanliness. Over the cleanliness we have to work. Just don’t throw things on the floor, don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink without causing a mess around the house.

Get into a daily routine of cleanliness. The problem with many men is that keeping the house clean is difficult for them because they scatter things and leave mud everywhere, while the mess will not become a cosmic scale. Instead of waiting for this moment, take it a rule to spend 10 minutes cleaning every day. Here are a few options:

  • every time you get out of the shower, sbryzgivat his spray against the formation of fungus. This will help keep the shower clean and will increase the time between deep cleanings;
  • get a special cloth for the mirror and wipe it every time after I shave and brush your teeth;
  • before going to sleep spend five minutes to clean up the mess, which was formed in the house all day.

Don’t dress like a slob. Pay a little attention to their appearance. Don’t need to be groomed as a metrosexual, but should not be a complete slob. One day I went out for lunch and was surprised at how sloppy look all around. Men and boys in baggy basketball shirts and pants, sleeveless t-shirts. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that in the nearest coffee shop need to dress in a three piece suit but at least wear a pair of khakis and a t-shirt covering your shoulders – it’s that simple.

If you need to iron a shirt, give it a stroke. And don’t try to convince yourself that it looks cool – you’re just lazy. You don’t look like an English sailor, who spent the whole day sailing, you look like a dude who didn’t ironed your shirt.

Basic care for themselves. To look clean and neat (so nice for women), here are some basics of hygiene for men. You might think that it is self-evident things, but it’s amazing how many men neglect them.

  • Clean ears.
  • Cut your trimmed nose hair and ears – otherwise you look like a grandfather.
  • Use the trimmer to his eyebrows didn’t grow together. You don’t have to pluck or draw – but eyebrows should be two, not one.
  • Cut your nails on hands and feet. Some men grow their nails to giant size. Nothing kills passion like your grown nail, sucking on the leg of his wife. First, you can scratch. Second, after these feelings she will have to anything. If you’re not a guitarist, your nails should be short.
  • Regularly take shower. You think about it and say no? But I have repeatedly heard women complain that men rarely take a shower. You can not go there every day, but don’t think that people do not catch the eye. Always take a shower after a workout.
  • The best advice that men never leave. Men are notorious because of not following my breath. It is to notice everything. If you’re going on a date, you risk to spoil your first kiss with bad breath. Many men try to fix things with a toothbrush, floss and chewing gum, but the best way is to use a scraper for cleaning the tongue.

Bad breath is not even the food that you eat, and the back of the tongue. There are bacteria, food debris and even discharge from the nasal cavity – it all produces an unpleasant smell. This does not relieve you simple teeth cleaning. Even if you brush your tongue with a toothbrush, it still does not help. Chewing gum and candy will not fix the problem. Your tongue is like a shag carpet where germs are hiding. To sweep them, you need to use a tongue scraper. The result is noticeable instantly.

If you’re worried about that in the morning you have bad breath, simply use a tongue scraper before bed – and the result will be much better than you dared to imagine.

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