A virtuous life: or how to become a master of the Universe

masters of the Universe

Let every thing have their own place; let each case be the time.

Benjamin Franklin chose order as the third virtue because it «will allow to allocate more time to pay attention to projects and research.» Franklin realized that if he wants to do something great, he must make sure that the little things will not be able to stop him.

Almost three hundred years have passed since then, as old Ben decided to make this feat and restore order. The life of modern people is much more intense and busy than Ben could imagine. People tend to organise your life so that it is dominated by the peace and quiet. The whole information industry have decided to help them to do it. Books, blogs, magazines, and consultants offer tips on how to cope with the mess. Yet, despite the abundance of information, people did not include the order in the list of virtues and meets many obstacles on the way to it. Why?

Why is it so hard every day to make her bed?

This is the standard story. The man wakes up and realizes that his life is a complete mess. He never veiled bed, everywhere scattered paper and magazines on the floor — a pile of dirty clothes.

And that person decides that it is time to get your life in order. He decides to make her bed every morning, buys a box or drawer for all securities and promises himself henceforth to put dirty Laundry in the basket. He does it all within a week, but soon it is the intention evaporates. His house is starting to look as dirty as before he began his new regime.

Almost always seems to make his bed every day is useless: it seems that this is not the best way to keep order in life. In a sense it is. Every time we try to arrange the order we are fighting against natural forces, which submits the whole universe with entropy.

To understand what we’re up against, you need to study thermodynamics. I think that the scientific approach will lead to understanding of the case.

This is a very superficial explanation, therefore, dear scientists, if you sit on the other side of the monitor, don’t tell me I don’t remember something and missed something. And I know myself.

The first law of thermodynamics States that there is a finite amount of energy in the Universe. Energy can change from one form to another, but never appears, nor disappears.

Look at the box of small magnets. If they lined up, they can attract metal objects. Separately, they neutralize the effect of each other and can not attract the heavy piece of metal. The same applies in the case of energy: it is useful when fine, but when there is no order, it’s absolutely useless, if not harmful.

Entropy is a measure of the lack of order in energy

In other words, entropy is a measure of the randomness or disorganization. And unfortunately, when something is left to itself, every system has a tendency to reduce the energy, i.e. increase of entropy. Everything obeys the law of least resistance, including the Universe. Since its inception the energy of the Universe has become more informal and will be such until there is no order which would be applicable to it in General.

Sometimes, you see something on the floor, but did not raise this: you literally keeps this kind of material force. There is such a thing? It’s entropy, dude.

Be inStroyICOI Universe

Understanding the laws of thermodynamics, you can use them for your own benefit and become the master of the Universe.

Some might give up on my life knowing that the universe will eventually disintegrate into complete chaos. But before you give up, think that to overcome the entropy in two ways. The first is to try to organize everything to perfection that it is virtually impossible (have you ever seen a clean room?).

Another possible way to overcome entropy is to increase the order in the system. The problem with this method is that because the person is trying to streamline the system, it does work – and thus reducing the entropy of the system is balanced by the huge increase in entropy of this person. Thus, entropy would increase as a whole. Confusing, right?

This is the answer to why organizational modes most people have never supported. There are hundreds of books and blogs that will tell you how to get rid of clutter so as to achieve a good life. Many offer to configure the system to constantly keep you on the go. These systems can do a great job, reduces the entropy of your self, but you have to spend a large amount of energy, which will configure and maintain them. Thus, while you reduce the amount of entropy in one area of life, you increase it inside. That is why many difficult to adhere to complex systems of the organization. The total amount of entropy and disorganization actually increases, and people eventually give up on everything by hand.

Fortunately, there’s a little loophole. Let’s go back to the example of magnets.

For example, you need to move them to another box. As you move them, you can put some magnets in a new box in the opposite position, then useful energy is reduced. Of course, the slower and more carefully you do it, the less you will make mistakes. The same rule applies for energy: the entropy of a system always increases, if the rate of change is infinitesimal.

So that your attempt to start a new life not covered with a copper basin in a week, you have to change everything to a minimum. Thus you will not increase the amount of entropy in other areas of their lives.

The mystery of mastering the Universe

Do these details affect any of that? That’s right, influence.

And the mystery is simple. You can reduce entropy, not increasing it within himself, guided only by one rule: do it right now. No system, no boxes or drawers for papers. Just do it now. As soon as you got out of bed, turn around and fill it. As soon as you received the mail, go through it. As soon as you removed the bed, have Breakfast and clean the kitchen. If you noticed on the floor a sock, pick it up without hesitation. To make it more complicated than say, because whenever in your life will be a mess, you’re going to feel that entropy pulls you in, asks you to ignore it. You must teach yourself repeat and memorize like a prayer «do it now!» and dismiss the power of entropy, every time it overcomes you.

If you can’t do something now, then do yourself a memo in my phone or just stick a sticker job on the fridge. There is no need to create a complex system. Just write it down not to forget.

Everything you need to know to become a master of the Universe, is expressed in three small words: do it now, dammit. Well, five words.

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