A virtuous life: justice

Man is a social animal. Every day we interact with people, take them into a different relationship. To regulate social interaction, humanity has created a system of rights and duties, which would benefit all members of society. Justice — that teaches people to respect those boundaries and to take seriously their duties.


What is justice?

Thousands of years philosophers have been arguing about this question. Justice, like beauty or goodness, is an ephemeral concept, which is difficult to give an unambiguous definition. Catholic theologian and philosopher Thomas Aquinas succinctly defined justice as the perpetual and constant will of retaliation. This definition of justice is consonant with how it was understood Benjamin Franklin: those who adhere to the laws, rules and standards are rewarded; those who do not are punished. Injustice occurs when a person denies a particular individual or society when their punishment and rewards lose their value for him.

How to develop a sense of justice

Acknowledge. To be fair man, you should be aware of the rights and duties regulating the lives of your family, your community, your country. A large part of this knowledge is acquired very simply, during communication with others. Usually, a person learns these basics in early childhood. We learn that if you broke something or hurt someone, it is necessary to compensate: to pay for a broken thing, to apologize to those you hurt. We learn that if you made a promise, you need to implement it, and if you can’t keep it, you need to repair the damage and eliminate all the negative effects that you could not keep your word.

Since we have this knowledge intuitively, there are often issues that go beyond our experience, or exceed the usual extent. Such issues do not attract enough attention, because in order to understand them, you need to make some effort. Perhaps the biggest obstacle for justice — compassion. In our society a lot of injustice, and people don’t even have anything against it, because they do not take the trouble to learn more about what’s going on.

Real man interested in the fact that justice prevailed, not only in its immediate environment: it is necessary to fairly treat everyone, even with strangers people. He always opposed the injustices where and when he’d collided with her. For this he needs to have a clear idea about the culture, own values and judgments on world events, he has from time to time to leave your comfort zone. Here is some advice regarding the knowledge:

1. Read a good book. Make it their goal to read in a lifetime how many works of classical literature. All the books relate to global themes, and their characters are constantly forced to deal with equity issues. Reading classic literature, you acquire the knowledge needed in order to be fair.


2. Watch and read quality media. Whether in electronic or printed form, one should read every day at least one newspaper. Read the press and liberal and conservative orientation, to have an objective opinion. Of course, it is useful to watch the news, but it is important to maintain a deeper knowledge about events in the world, thus completing its picture of the world. The fact that you have no time is a bad excuse. If you constantly be in the loop, you will see how much injustice in the world. It will push you to action and motivates you to think about how it would be possible to solve the existing problems.

3. Leave your comfort zone. In fact, travel is the best way to development. At the first opportunity visit other countries and look there’s no word tourist guides, communicate with people. To leave the comfort zone does not necessarily mean to go to another country. Some simply call in an unfamiliar area. Try to find in the city places that you never entered — and you’d be surprised how much injustice is happening in your town.

Justice in different spheres of life

For many men, justice is just an abstract word that never translated into concrete actions. Many people simply complain about the problems in society, politics and cursing the whole world but won’t lift a finger to do something to fix it. All they can do is stick a funny bumper sticker for your car. However, it is necessary to give these people credit: they have no illusions about their own ability, knowing that it is not affected by virtually anything. Apathy is like a contagious disease passed from person to person, and people can’t take it anymore. The truth is that everyone needs to fight for justice in any manifestation, in any available form. Here are some tips that can be done for this.

Justice in everyday communication. When we act insincerely toward other people, we deny them the right to the truth. It’s not fair. When we gossip about someone, we tarnish his name without giving him a chance to explain. It is also unfair.

Justice in the workplace. Fair the employer pays his subordinates as much as they deserve. When a company is experiencing hard days, the head will not raise wages, and if the firm makes a good profit, just chief share part of it with the workers who helped get the money. Fair head is not cheating their subordinates on the amounts that the company earns. In turn, fair workers never cheat their employers, idling, while they are paid for what they work. They don’t say that sick when they have a hangover or if they just want to relax.


Justice in politics. Most people today are disillusioned with politics. We have become very cynical: daily reports of scandals involving politicians who promised a lot and nothing has been done. This rogue changes the other politician who refuses their promises as soon as it comes in a bureaucratic chair. The problem is not just corruption, its roots lie in the General apathy of voters who watched in silence as the ship is sinking democracy.

But he still went down. There are still some honest politicians, even if they are few, and if people are very much interested in the political process, these fair politicians will become more corrupt and will miserably be thrown out of Parliament. This can happen only if people participate actively in political life. Be aware. Ignore all that nonsense, which is created by news Corporation. Take part in political campaigns. Stand by your candidate, go home and tell about its activities. Distribute leaflets. Nothing will ever change if people will still.

Justice in the society. Many do not believe that they can influence policy, but no one can deny that it is possible to change something on a personal level. A lot of something loses in my life, and you can help them to their feet. Become a volunteer and help people.

Another way to practice justice is to help those who, in your opinion, abused — physically, mentally, emotionally. Once, the ABC conducted an experiment modeled the situation when in Park the man insulted the woman. This was done to see how many people would stand up for her. Surprisingly, it did a few. Intervened in the conflict, mostly women. What’s wrong with men? Of course, to interfere in someone else’s life uneducated, but if you see someone being bullied, don’t stay on the sidelines. Do something, damn it!

Justice in the world. When you start to constantly monitor the news, you’ll be stunned by the amount of injustice in the world. In the media much attention is paid to issues such as HIV, or poverty. This is an important problem, but it seems to me that we are trying to solve them in the wrong direction. To organize large-scale concerts to convey to people the problem of global poverty, or simply to donate money to poor countries is a good start, but it does not solve the problem. Such events are very short-lived effect. Awareness of the problem evaporates in a few weeks, and corrupt politicians in poor countries spend the money that is given to the development of their state. If you want to fight injustice, joining the peace corps or working at UNICEF. If you have the opportunity to donate money, translate them at the expense of well established non-governmental organization that uses your money to help people, not to fuel administrative costs. Another good way to fight poverty is to give people in poor countries with small loans so they could start their small business.

You can regularly donate part of their income on a solution that you think is important. It can be anything: charity, environment, political organization. Such contributions will reflect your priorities in life.

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