A virtuous life: humility


There is a widespread belief that a real man should be cocky, even arrogant – such a rebel that never swerves from his path and can easily survive even if he will fight on the world. Humility somehow does not fit with this image. It seems like humility is for the weak, for those who obeys and fears. But this perception of humility is fundamentally wrong. In fact, humility is a sign of strength, confidence and courage. It is a sign of a real man.

Achilles ‘ arrogance

The ancient Greeks wrote a lot about the importance of humility. Their art has often raised the topic of a shameful end, fatality arrogant lifestyle and excessive pride. For the Greeks, to be arrogant means to consider yourself wise, actually not being like this. Very well the importance of humility in the character of men illustrates the poem of Homer «the Iliad».

One of the storylines of «the Iliad» is a story of a quarrel between Achilles and Agamemnon, who has kidnapped the daughter of a priest of Apollo. The enraged Achilles had been for this reason, and even after he returned the girl and refused to lead their troops into battle. When the troops of Achaeans came to him with stories about their plight, it is not touched by the arrogance of Achilles. But the Achaeans called sympathy for one of Achilles by the name of Patroclus, who sent his army to their aid and was killed. And only then Achilles stopped to avoid a fight. Due to the fact that Achilles could not hold back his feelings, killed his friend. The harmful consequences of arrogance.

However, the story did not end there. The enraged Achilles, gained fame as an invincible warrior, killed Hector, the Trojan who killed Patroclus. The body of Hector he put to the cart and nine days took him around Troy, showing himself as a proud and unforgiving man, Tesha your self-esteem.

Today we know Achilles as a strong and brave hero of classical mythology, but to the Greeks he was the epitome of pride and arrogance. We admire his martial arts, but forget that his example teaches us to be humble.

What is meekness?

To be humble does not mean being timid potted plant. To be submissive means to properly assess their capabilities and actions, aside from their more important and larger than they really are, but without prejudice to its merits. True humility is being honest with yourself and objective evaluation of their own talents, strength and weaknesses.

Humility means the absence of pride. We used to think of pride as something good but in fact it is included only in those moments when we compare ourselves to others. It is a futile exercise. Compare yourself to yourself: my ex and what would you like to be.

Pride is fed by competition from a foreign pride. This is an adversarial sense. We are proud of what we have, and the fact that we have more than others. No one is proud that he is rich, smart or beautiful. Proud of the fact that they are richer, smarter or prettier than others. If all of a sudden become as rich, or clever, or beautiful – those who are proud now, wouldn’t have a reason to be proud.

What humility is not

In an attempt to be modest-people often confuse humility and false modesty. Probably each of us at least once, but was seen in this. Sometimes people praise us, and we pretend that its not really bothered or that achievement is not so important. For example, someone sat for hours on a presentation for a project and it worked brilliantly. When he is praised for it, he shrugs: «I’m just so sketched». Often such behavior is used to cover up even more proud that others thought, «wow! If he doesn’t bother, what could go, zatrati it on the job a few hours!» If you have something really good, don’t deny it, and acknowledge their own achievements.

How to show humility

Do not pull the blanket over himself. The proud person strives to do it all alone and independently to achieve the best results. A humble man is trying to show that the success he has achieved is not one that is the fruit of the work of many people. As a rule, success is not achieved alone. Even if you’re working on something yourself, look carefully: you must help your friends, parents, mentors, who taught you everything.

Not push themselves. How do you feel about people who like to casually mention that four times was in Europe, or regular visits to expensive restaurants, are acquainted with a famous person? And they still love to do it when you need especially when you do not have. I agree that it is annoying? In this way they maintain a sense of self-importance and attract attention. In fact, these guys are very unsure of themselves. A modest person does not flaunt such things. He understands that all people are equally important and everyone wants his story listened to.

Do what you need, but don’t make this event. Our grandfathers would understand the essence of its own debt. Think about it, during the great Patriotic war who fought on the fronts, who worked tirelessly in the factories – and nobody considered it a feat. All simply doing their duty. We have much to learn from the older generation.

Do not sound a trumpet about their good deeds. Proud people want everyone to know that they did a good thing. They casually mention in conversations how much money is donated, post pictures of Facebook, like they are doing something useful, and don’t miss a chance to hint to those who they helped, how generous they were. Guys like him have the wrong motivation to do good: they do it to gratify his own ego and gain acceptance. Real charity is not self-assertion, it’s done quietly and only for the sake of other people. Next time when you do something well, try to keep it tell. This is a good test of humility.

No «But I…» Perhaps there’s nothing more annoying than people who always have something to add. For example, you say: «I visited the concert of «TheRolling Stones»,» and he immediately immersed with her: «I visited them in the dressing room». There’s always the guy with something more successful. Not to get into this game. If they like, let them do that, who’s cooler. Such stories will be remembered the next day. But your good manners will discuss your whole life.

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