A virtuous life: honesty and sincerity


Today, «sincerity» is understood very narrowly — as the interest in what you say and believing it. Ozhegova dictionary in turn defines the word sincere as follows: «expressing true feelings; truthful, honest». Based on sincerity lies honest behavior, truthfulness in relationships with other people. Honesty and integrity — a sign of quality men. Be sincere in all my relationships, be a man who adheres to confidentiality in all tames sarcasm, and avoids dishonesty.

Gossip and secrets

Most men never wanted to Rob a Bank or steal something from friends, but for some reason they are much less careful with other people’s secrets. Regardless of how you know the secret, you have Holy guard. Confidential information can be compared with the money entrusted to you for safekeeping: you act only as guardian, but you are not permitted to spend a single penny. Today it is extremely rare to find a truly honest man who can tell her innermost thoughts and secrets, knowing that the information is not leaked beyond the walls of the room. Be a man, be a man of honor, become someone I trust with important information.

Gossip can hurt the pain and you and the person you’re talking about.

If you start talking behind his back, even the people closest to you will start to doubt you. When you hear someone discussing behind, we immediately think about what exactly you can also discuss you.

Gossip is always unfair. Man seeks to be fair in relationships with others. But when you gossip, you defame the name of another person without giving that person to make excuses. You care about your reputation, so respect the reputation of others and do not discuss anyone, if he is not present during the conversation.

Gossip possess enormous power and can ruin the reputation of even the good and honest people. Very often gossip about, if not based on nothing. However, the word is not a Sparrow, for being so easy to kill. Gossip man begin to perceive differently, and it is often a good name cannot be stopped, even if after some time everyone will know that the rumors were false.

How to keep a secret

When you say something, ask how important it is to keep this information confidential. Remember, that roach doesn’t have to be a lie, to have the status of gossip. Gossip can be true, but that is no reason to consider it worthwhile. If you’re not sure what information can be disclosed, and to ask a host of information about it is not possible, analyze the situation:

• Is it true?

• This is good?

• It is necessary to know other people?

If you can answer «Yes» to all three questions, then I can safely tell this information to someone else. If at least one of the questions the voice of reason says «no», then keep your mouth shut.

You probably ask, what if someone put a lot of pressure on you, forcing him to reveal a secret. You need to be wise. Bend over to that person and whisper in his ear: «can You keep a secret?» He will probably answer: «of Course!» Placing his hand on his shoulder, say in response: «I also know how to keep secrets.»

Curb your sarcasm

Sarcasm itself is not bad. A timely joke is very out of place, good humor is hard to overestimate. But sarcasm is a tool that should be used sparingly. This is especially important rule for those men that every sentence is accompanied with a sarcastic joke. It becomes a principle of dialogue. When too much sarcasm, it can hurt you and others for the following reasons.

Sarcasm is the reception weak, and they often use men who are afraid to Express what really is they have in mind. Although they may not know this, but sarcasm is their means of indirectly expressing aggression toward others and a demonstration of their own insecurities. The fact that they constantly translate everything into a joke, frees them from a sense of vulnerability that they feel, openly expressing his own opinion. “Sarcastic people protect themselves by allowing the world to see only the superficial part of who they are.

Sarcasm might hurt someone else’s feelings. Sarcasm is a fine line between good-natured statement, and really sarcastic comment. And only you know you’re just joking, but others may take seriously what you say.

Sarcasm is too easy. They often hide behind as an excuse when they can’t formulate a reasoned opinion. Much easier to laugh it off than to offer a thoughtful counterargument.

A lie and a fabrication

Usually men are well able to distinguish truth from complete fabrication. But there are more insidious lies, which has more severe consequences. In our views and intonations, in any part of the story we are silent about, and what to flaunt, we can still be dishonest. I often hear someone says, «I wasn’t lying, I just didn’t tell him everything that happened.» It’s all the same lie.

The lie is easy to justify, especially when the truth would entail negative consequences. But we must fight for full honesty. If you start lying, it becomes easier to make even greater inventions. And if you are almost always honest, but one day you will be caught in a lie, people questioned and all your past actions, your future comments. Your honesty and credibility will be completely wiped out.

A lie to maintain good relations with people, but it’s not quite right. Better to tell the truth, no matter how hard it was. If you’re a good diplomat, then you will be able to soften a little.

Of course, there are situations in which it is better to remain silent or a bit to smooth out the truth, if she can completely destroy a relationship with a man. But we must remember that such a lie will save the person only in the short term and in the long term will hurt her. Here is an example: a woman made herself a terrible haircut, but if everyone will say that she looks fantastic, she will continue to get a haircut. But if, for example, you’re getting a divorce and they say that about you, although the opposite is true, you are depriving a woman of the chance to fix their fault, their mistake, and she would do it again and again.

It should be noted that there is another group of people who use the aura of honesty to justify their short callous remarks like «Well, I’m just been honest!» There are situations when it is better to keep your opinions to yourself.

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