A virtuous life: hard work

Do not waste time. Always be busy and doing something useful. Cut off all unnecessary actions. — Benjamin Franklin

how not to be distracted at work

People love to have fun. We always more fun to relax than to do something that requires our effort, even if it will benefit us. We like to relax and have fun. It’s probably even normal. However, this tendency is not that destructive (if we speak honestly, that only some can afford to lead an idle life), it is fundamentally wrong reflects the principle by which society operates. It is not even about fish, ponds and about what kind of power presumably to pull one from the other. It’s about the fact that we are wrong to imagine what the essence of labour and why do we even need (except for salaries and the fact that we evolved from monkeys). So.

1. What’s the point in staying if you’re not working? Let’s take a simple example: in the course of the year you’re really looking forward to the holidays. You think months and think, well, when you are finally lucky break. And that holiday is coming! The first week has been fantastic. The second week is nice, too. And then life becomes monotonous idleness bothers you, and you want finally to do something. But if you work hard for your holiday, this will bring you pleasure. As always, man, there is nothing perfect.

2. Severe and even unpleasant work builds character. If you’re going to shy away from anything you don’t like, then you are unlikely to develop patience and self-discipline. Any difficult task strengthens your endurance. If I die someone close, you can’t shy away from grief, and if you get sick — you’ll need a strong will to recover. If you’re whole life to avoid the hard work, you will not have enough moral strength to survive a crisis situation. It may happen that nobody will be able to help you with this.

3. Job makes you responsible. When you decide to do something yourself, you take responsibility for the results of their efforts. If someone is doing this job instead of you, then you will certainly be to blame, but you don’t have the right to be proud of themselves in case of success.

What are the benefits of labor

how not to be distracted at work

The work develops self-esteem. In the evening the working day you can look in the mirror without shame. Remember the day you from morning to night playing video games. Of course, it was cool, but it first. Remember what you felt when I finally turned off the computer at four in the morning. Had thoughts like: «this I’m worthless»? In those days, you know, that just wasted my time. You, of course, there are talents that can be applied for the benefit of others. But when you waste yourself, this is not good, man. Unleash your potential and let your life have meaning.

Labor struggles with depression. Idleness may not be the devil’s spawn, but it definitely causes depression. Have you ever seen the dude left without work and didn’t know how to handle it? He certainly was a depressing guy. Men are so constituted that they need to do something to provide for his family, otherwise, they feel needed, useless.

Have you ever seen a mountain river? Very interesting show. It flows very rapidly and quickly, and the water in it is transparent, pure and cold. Compare it with a pond. Looks like a pond? The water is muddy, stagnant. In fact, it’s quite similar: to feel good and to have the motivation you need to keep moving. Otherwise you will wither away and sink into depression.

You’ll have more time for family. We already told you about that bro, who advised us how to combine family and work. So, he says that every minute he spends at work, separates him from returning home to his family. So dude tries to do everything quickly and well, then not to alter. When he gets to the house, we told you, it is not to get even mobile.

In addition, hard work will help you to show civil activity. Public initiatives are promoting are not lazy, but active and energetic people.

How to be hardworking

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Plan your time. Before you go to bed, plan your dead your next day. One of the reasons why people can’t focus and wasting time is what they don’t know what to do. To avoid this, make a schedule. Find a system that will be effective for you personally. Some people like to paint every minute, and someone just likes to make for themselves a list. Some people like to use the phone or tablet, but someone fit and paper diaries. Anyway, plan your schedule – it’ll help you concentrate on business.

Don’t get distracted. Don’t need to check their e-mails without end, just set a time for yourself that you will check it and reply to incoming emails. If you are mostly a distraction the Internet, turn off Wi-Fi or block certain websites.

Put a goal. You will always remember about your goal, you’ll be focused on her. Think about it. Have you ever seen the guys who play video games all day long? Their goal is to beat the enemy, or to earn as many points as possible. And they play until then, until they reach their goal.

Imagine what would have happened if these guys had higher aspirations. Instead of spending time on the destruction of currency in the game, they could play sports, improve your fitness, or to learn any new skill that would help them climb the corporate ladder.

Put in front of him facing goal. They will make yourself and the world around you better. Write down your goals on paper and carry that paper with him. You can set yourself goals for each day and record them in the margin of a diary.

Every time deciding how you want to spend the time, think whether it will bring you to your goal. If not, don’t do this. At first, you will naturally have to work on yourself, you really need discipline, but after a while it will become natural for you. Instead of wasting your precious time on meaningless exercises, you will be focused on the really important things.

The 48/12 rule. To be hardworking is good, but you’re the same person, and you need to rest that the work wasn’t hitting on you. One of the very effective ways of the organization of work and rest – the 48/12 rule. It is this: you work without distracting his attention, 48 minutes straight, and then make a break for 12 minutes. Salini on the Internet or take a short walk. When the 12 minutes are over, get back to work. You’d be surprised how much you can do with this rule.

Any hard-working, even on vacation. When you relax from work by which you earn your life, pay attention to work which will develop itself. True relaxation is an activity that recharges you with energy and prepares you for next week. Instead of sitting in front of the TV on the couch, think of something that will make you feel young and strong.

The idea is to stay busy, but something more relaxing. Remember that the longer you sit and do nothing, the harder it is to motivate yourself to work in the future. Avoid it and do relaxing things that will entertain you.

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