A virtuous life: determination


Think about what you have to do, and always do what you’ve decided.

If you want to succeed in life, you must develop your ability to make a decision. The solution is to clearly define what you intend to do. Benjamin Franklin thought of the determination his fourth advantage, because if you have determination, you will find the strength to develop the other virtues.

Many people may not realize their good intentions, because they lack decisiveness, others are moving towards their goal in spite of everything, overcome any obstacles, because I want to achieve something. The best example of determination — conduct of Alexander the great during the siege of the city of tyre.

The decision of Alexander the conquest of tyre

Alexander the great, one of the largest men in history, in their 20s decided to conquer the Persian Empire. To accomplish this, perhaps impossible task, he conquered city after city. Among them was the Phoenician city of tyre, which served as a Persian naval base. The victory over tyre was a strategic necessity for Alexander. The problem was that the tyre was practically impregnable. The city stood on the island, located one mile from the coast of Lebanon. In addition, the city was protected by walls that reached 6 meters in width and 4.5 meters in thickness.

The conquest of such a fortress seemed impossible, but not Alexander the great. Brilliant, confident and brave Alexander never backed down. He ordered his soldiers to build a bridge to the island so that they could bring a siege tower to the walls of the city. Construction began in January of 332 years.

The Phoenicians are constantly interfered with construction, their attack made building almost impossible. But Alexander was not scared. He was placed on the bridge two towers equipped with catapults to protect his soldiers from attacking ships. The inhabitants of tyre, who defended the city, filled with ships of non-inflammable, set fire to them and sent to cities and siege towers.

Months of hard work took place in the flame. Instead of retreat, Alexander ordered that his troops began the construction again, this time making the bridge wider. Promotion on a new bridge went according to plan, and slowly, but persistently, led troops closer to the island.

While the construction of the bridge progressed, Alexander began to plan a naval attack on the city. He called the ships of the newly conquered territories and began to block the port of tyre. Using battering rams on their ships, Alexander began to test the strength of the walls of the city. But the people of tyre placed underwater stone blocks to prevent them. This, of course, did not stop Alexander. He led the court with huge cranes to gradually remove boulders from the road.

At the dawn of the July day 332, Alexander prepared his troops and weapons for a well-organized siege. His soldiers attacked the city from the bridge and showered the enemy with a swarm of arrows. The walls were broken. A catapult throwing rocks. In the wall on the South side of the island was broken out of a small hole, which was invaded by the troops. As soon as the Macedonian army entered the city, she easily overtook the garrison and won the invincible shooting. Alexander takes nine months to achieve what he intended to do. He never doubted that I can.

Expand itsth determination

To become more decisive, you need to deeply analyze your goals and make sure that you will be able to overcome any obstacles to achieve their goals. No one can do it except yourself. Here are some ways that you can help in the quest to become a man of invincible spirit.

  1. In advance think about how you’d act if faced with an obstacle. There are certain moral and ethical issues that will face you throughout your life. Don’t leave these decisions for later, when they have to take in a tense atmosphere. If you do not, then at the right moment force will leave you, and you will choose the easy way, which can be incorrect. Decide now what is acceptable to you and what isn’t, and never change the decisions taken.
  2. Be an extremely confident person. Right before the siege of tyre by Alexander the Darius III, the Persian king, he offered a truce, land and the hand of his daughter. Alexander rejected the offer and ordered Darius to continue to refer to themselves solely as to the strong Asia, and not as equals in status. Alexander added: «I will follow you everywhere, no matter where you were.» You should never doubt that you can achieve your goals. Just think about what you intend to do and what you’re not doing, but not come to a compromise.
  3. Write down your goals. Writing down your goals every day, you focus on the task you want to perform. Exact knowledge of what you want to achieve is to create motivation, which will support your decision, even when the going gets tough.
  4. Changes in your strategy. People often lose their determination because they were not lucky. But often failure doesn’t mean that the task is impossible, but only says that to achieve it you use the wrong strategy. Albert Einstein said perfectly: «the Madman is doing the same thing many times and gets different results.» If you see that something in your life is not working, it changes. You have to be flexible in their quest to achieve the goal. This is what made Alexander. He began with the idea of the bridge, but when it didn’t work, he added catapults and ships.
  5. Reward yourself. If the task you intend to accomplish, there is a large, break it into small steps and voznagragd itself after achieve intermediate goals. The soldiers of Alexander were extremely loyal to him. He fueled this loyalty and firmly kept his word. Apply the same principle in your own life. After you run one step, stop and look around, make yourself a gift. It should not be something extraordinary. Buying your favourite magazine or treat as a reward for independent work will motivate you as soon as possible to finish the job.
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