A very wealthy teen trolls all


Everyone at least once in life wanted a lot of money. At least for a while. We in the editorial, there are people who as a child dreamed about a purse in which never run out of money (we will not point a finger on who it is). But why, man? Because the money, though not everyone can call them the most important thing in life, just playing her role. Do not, of course, to forget that money is ruining men : all necessary measure.

But this guy who is 17 years old and says that «he is very rich and wants the whole world knew about it», it seems, knows how to handle money.


He asks to be called Praise. His nationality is unknown to us, like Indian. This teen flaunting expensive watches, says the level of bundles of 100 dollar bills, washes his hands with water «Pilgrim», using gold staples for paper, goes to «Bentley» carries in his pocket at five of the latest generation iPhones and, as a true hipster, post it all in Intergram. Without this in any way today!


On the one hand, the kid’s actions attracted 70,000 people who have added it to your various social networks. Only now they write about it unflattering. The most common comment: «you’re Not rich, and your mom and dad.» And it is impossible not to agree.

What do you think, friend, is trolling or young bro is simply not able to throw off?


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