A vacation without worries

manygoodtips.com_26.05.2014_zycyERamyMgliSo, you’re tired and going to relax away from home. Sounds good, the main thing to himself not to spoil the vacation. Paradoxically, many of us were so tired that they just can’t normally rest. Your vacation does not become more stress than your everyday life, read our tips on how to stop worrying and start to relax.

1. Don’t check work email

The most difficult holiday to forget about work. In any case, don’t check work e-mail and you’ll regret it. Even if you go there «just to see», your brain immediately starts to think about solutions to current issues, and the hands themselves will be pulled to reply to emails. Believe that the world will not collapse if within two weeks you will live for yourself.

2. Turn off the phone

Or at least set limits on calls from colleagues and partners. Just as with email — this point seems obvious, however, when «time X», why did you pick up the phone, and now the beach has turned into virtual office. Besides, if they called you once and you said, call the second and third. So your vacation will be gradually moved to work on udalenke. But you wanted to relax, right?

3. Don’t pack too much

Take only what you need. The smaller your Luggage, the less attention will be given to him. Try not to have any valuable items, for which future are you going to worry every time you leave the hotel.

4. Don’t plan every minute of your vacation

Learn to go with the flow and get pleasure from the opportunity to do what’s in your heart at the moment. Most likely, plans, and also stress associated with the inability of their execution, you have more than enough on weekdays, so don’t try to paint every day of vacation to rest «efficiently». The concept of efficiency and recreation are just incompatible.

5. Don’t worry about the house

If you asked a friend, walk your dog while you’re away, of course, is a time before leaving to remind him. But no need to call home every five minutes to see whether the dog is alive, shat he is in a dark corner and the whole pillow. Relax, man! Even if your Dinghy is smashed to smithereens half a flat, still now there is nothing you can do about it. Put all the household issues on the return trip and holiday will be much quieter.

6. Turn for advice to local

Don’t know where to eat or where to buy Souvenirs? Eyes run from the abundance of options? Instead of frantically googling «where to buy a surfboard Antalya», talk to the natives. Locals clearly know this place better than you, and probably even better than Google. You will save yourself a lot of time and money, dine in cozy cafes instead of the overpriced tourist restaurant.

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