A true misanthrope: how to understand exactly what it is you hate people

manygoodtips.com_28.03.2014_FhNzbuPjQ9S0kHatred of people is a pretty common theme nowadays. Someone doesn’t like people as a kind of accumulation of biomass; someone doesn’t like the human society; who do not like the conservatism of society; who does not love the new flow; some specifically their neighbors do not like, and who hate not just humanity, but also specifically for each person, with rare exception. These people are called misanthropes, and not those who behave cynically revealing and watching «Doctor house». Sometimes we’re not aware of that are not loved people. This is most likely not expressed in the fact that we zoldyck to himself, that hate people, and that they have insanely annoying, and our zone of personal space is constantly under attack from our point of view. It’s a rather morbid topic, so today I decided to devote a whole article. But the truth is, loving people is not always necessary that they treated you well. Sure this hatred to hide. However, in the future it is quite possible to translate into hatred of individuals and groups of people.

1. You hate to be in the Elevator with people

Even if you lift big, and people 2-3 people. You think they look at you, they’re too close to you that they are too loud for you. Look forward when possible to get out of the Elevator and sincerely hate for someone to wait and stop at every floor to see all these people came out of the Elevator. The person who rides the Elevator to the second floor, cause you a storm of hatred.

2. You don’t like it when someone sits next to you on public transport

Otherwise, of course, it is impossible, it is unlikely someone will appreciate that the bus has such a dog in the manger. You’re scared but hate it when someone sits next to you, breaking your humble solitude. To sit closer to the window or any other barriers to your happiness, because people may affect the scope of your space with only one hand. To sit between two people you hate creepy as sitting on the aisle.

3. You’re excited when people cancel plans with you

Even comrades or friends. Now you can stay alone or go somewhere on business. No need to talk to anyone, interact. Definitely a weight off my mind.

4. Do you like bad weather

This is a reason to stay at home or less to go out. In addition, it contrasts beautifully with your mood.

5. «You better call than write SMS» — you think it’s unfair

Someone says that the call is better overall, but you totally disagree with it. You don’t like talking on the phone unnecessarily. Write a text — that’s fine, but to call. You don’t like to answer the call, but most of all you don’t like to call someone. If necessary, you’re getting stronger in all seriousness. Designate a time to call you sadly pick up the phone, dial and call. By the way, I also hate to call.

6. When you meet someone, you think only of its disadvantages

In this you show a rudimentary human traits from the article about miserable people. New people you are always perceived with hostility. You’re still not used to the old, and new have to adapt. Since you initially set them negatively, every new person tailored for you only downsides. You can see that it is thick; poorly dressed; weird says; has a stupid sense of humor and is probably m*a duck. If the person you like starts, you slowly descend, give him a second chance, but the drawbacks still know.

7. To take part in a group chat in Skype or in any discussion for you flour

You’re sitting there wondering when the hell they will come to a consensus, and I will not try to keep the conversation going? If you communicate this way with his companions, and for a long time, it starts you on the scary way to tire.

8. If you choose the society of friends, or view season of the series, you will choose the latter

You watch a lot of TV series. Do you even know what Netflix is. Someone was watching the most famous types of «Sherlock», «breaking bad», «the big Bang Theory» or «Game of thrones», but you’ve seen those that haven’t seen one of your comrades. Nobody can understand how you manage to watch them in such an indecent quantity and to be aware of the latest innovations. If you do not watch sitcoms, you watch anime or play online games. Moreover, as in the case of TV shows you’re familiar with all the latest news. For example, from the anime about the «Bug-gopokes».

9. Do you hate when people sneeze

Not necessarily to sneeze next to you. These bastards are spreading their germs around you. The sound of the sneeze scares you because it is very loud for you. This is another reason for the hatred of the people.

10. Scares you when someone on public transport is obviously unhealthy

You think, «What the fuck they beg to stay home like this? They ohreneli or something to infect everyone around?» Despite the fact that you had chicken pox in childhood, you are very sensitive to the fact that some mom transportorul your «spotted» in public transport. Although it is still not normal.

11. You can’t stand to eat at the food courts and even willing to pay a premium to dine in a more private place

Not misanthrope food courts in shopping malls, of course, very annoying. They scare you, make you nervous and not give a normal lunch. People, all people, all the noise, long lines — it makes you literally panic and send rays of diarrhea in all directions.

12. Are you ready to move from a good seat in a restaurant or bar, just because there are too many people

Don’t you love when you see many people around, however, and so we already knew. But you don’t love anything, from your point of view, the presence of people so that it is ready to lose his familiar, luxurious from all sides of the place just to get away from people. If this cannot be done, you don’t finish your food and go. Too a large number of people may force you to abandon all plans to turn around and leave, even when you were driving across town to get here. Seriously, if in the cinema, too many people, you will turn around and leave, despite the fact that bought tickets.

13. You recently spent a lot of time discussing with someone a certain group of people that you two hate

In matters of hate you have no equal, but if you meet a kindred spirit, can and should speak forever.

14. You truly hate children

Champions of morality can cease to resent, proving that children love everything, if not love, love in the future. You always hated children, they seem to be boring, uninteresting, too noisy and breaking everything that lay their little hands.

15. You’re constantly asking yourself: «How can people be so stupid?»

You’re not even making yourself on some pedestal, and I sincerely wonder how is it that people can exist for so long, voluntarily make yourself miserable and make very stupid things. What if you do have the right to hate people?

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