A true friend: how to understand that the man good friend

manygoodtips.com_12.03.2014_DbIB1iexVRQ3hWe often write about unnecessary people, about m*Dacians and bad girls. Someone can say that manygoodtips.com filled with negativity, but it is not so, man. In fact, we have many universal superhuman kindness, but it is not always noticeable on the background of more bright articles. Oddly enough, to determine that person is your true friend, is sometimes not so easy. To understand that man is a dick, too, is not easy, but often it is easy to understand. In life so many things are true, we often wishful thinking because, if you dig a little deeper, it becomes absolutely clear that the so-called «friend» is actually not a friend at all, you just wanted to call a person one way not to seem to himself a Chode with no friends. Self-deception, however. Often we don’t understand what use other people to meet their own needs, calling it romantic or friendly relations. You can say: «What are the needs? I give the relationship about as much as you get!» In this case, it is not friendship, this is a banal barter. You can say «How can you get something close? I do not make friends for money!» In fact, you receive communication, which is a valuable resource in human relations. Real friends don’t do that. How to determine that you are a real friend? There are several features that occur in a real friend. Check out not only friend but also myself. Just in case!

Are you okay with interest or specific traits of his friend

I talked to the roleplayers, and talked with the reenactors, and anime, and geek and nerds and many dudes who have a lot of diverse interests. Thanks to the University must be common friends who introduced me to everyone. So personally I have a tolerant attitude to any interests. But, according to my personal observations, not all people have a relaxed attitude to unusual hobby.

Even if you totally do not understand that this finds your friend in «Star wars», «the only one left», computer games and reading comic books, you don’t mock him just because you think it’s weird, silly and unworthy of a normal bro. All that can say a true friend is the fact that he did not understand and to talk about it can not. If you scoff at the questionable as you think you do, his companion and in every way make him change his point of view and interest, you can hardly call a friend. Most likely you’re so manipulative false consciousness, which wants to have a number of people, which can be controlled. Seriously, what’s wrong with the Hobbies of other people if you want they do not do? Of course, if they do not go from house to house with sermons and talk about God.

Are you ready with him on a serious conversation

If your friends are doing something with your life, are you ready to have a serious talk, put a number of conditions and even a couple of times to move in the face for educational purposes. But this applies only to those questions when your friend is really doing with your life is something very bad: cheating on a good girl, drinking, suffers from clouding the mind, caught in some kind of cult or drink the Kool-aid. Willingness to talk seriously with your friend and do everything to come out — that should make a real friend. Another question: if you could do it or not!

But this only applies to serious things, really serious.

Try to accept your friend as he is

your friend might be lazy, a drinker, a sort of hippie or an active civic activist. Importantly, he was a good man, a friend, not someone you usually call the junk man. Seriously, that’s what’s so bad might make your friend, that you have ceased to communicate with him? This usually has a negative attitude towards you, for example, sleep with your girlfriend.

All the flaws, if they do not lead to the destruction of its nature, it can deserve the right to life. Who are we without flaws, in the end? Somehow I was immediately reminded of the movie «Rock-n-Rolik» in which one of the main characters found out that his old buddy is gay and in love with him. Frankly, I don’t know how I handled this situation. Perhaps, with a wild cry he’d have swept the main street of the city, and, perhaps, would have told the dude: «Well, okay, dude! It’s not my thing, you know.» Of course, there’s a chance that such attention flattered me, but still uncomfortable. But the guy still managed to be normal. I wonder whether there can be friendship after that? Or it’s like a friendship between a man and a woman?

Concerning its can you willing to admit that he was wrong

Even if you’re usually difficult with this. In the end, you realize that you did a bad thing and say another, you’re wrong. Usually it takes a real friend, with that kind of attitude, you can judge how important you are to this or that person. It’s like the willingness to compromise in a relationship with a girl, is the absence of egoistic aspirations in relation to the other person that always says that you’re sensitive to friendship with this dude and seriously don’t want to lose him. Sounds completely cheesy, but otherwise hard to say.

Of course, this does not mean that you’re going to cry like a girl, throw in the hands of his friend and exclaim, «Sorry, man! Gad will not forget!» Typically, this means quite restrained (but sincere): «Dude, I overreacted and I was wrong!». If your friend or do you admit your guilt, perhaps you do know how to make friends.

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