A treatise on the use of random connections

manygoodtips.com_12.05.2014_cscpTGtZpYKZsThe more, the better — not only in Wonderland, but in our sublunary world. Take the Internet: thanks to him, now almost considered normal, any sexual preference and nobody cared about. Rather, amused. If you add to the Internet the unstable economic situation, the fault of which every second young person shares a flat with couple of neighbors we will have what we have. We fly from one friend to another like a Frisbee. Sex ceased to be a forbidden fruit, as it was in previous generations. The elders look at us with condemnation, and we enjoy casual relationships. And it goes for us. How?

1. Productivity

Relationships — a great excuse to lie in bed and do nothing. Those who have relations there, time to perform a lot of tasks in one day and also to sleep for ten hours without a twinge of conscience. Can you afford to do anything, instead of having to reply to a text every 20 minutes when sitting in a bar with friends.

2. The number

In the first six months sex is decorated with the charm of novelty. You make love like a couple of rabbits, takenoshita «Viagra» and the poppers. Time passes, and after six months of routine and boredom slightly spoil your idyll. Nine months later, the sex did become rare and automatic. Out of boredom we save the social network where we can find friends with similar interests and it is this appearance that attracts us. The digital age gives us the opportunity to put to bed the endless number of ladies — even more than the wolves of wall street for their cocaine parties. Not have girlfriends — so try a bit of everything, and not to focus on a single person.

3. Adrenaline

Poradi.s.ua_12.05.2014_AO37jNkJIl36aSleeping with strangers — is an attraction akin to a parachute jump. One night make everyone feel like a discoverer and conqueror of new vertices. Added to this are fears of the category of «How can I go home?» or «Where did I Park the car?»

Casual relationships — this is a mini-adventure that does not have to pay.

4. Money

Relationship is expensive. Again: relationships are expensive. Get a girlfriend means to agree on meals in restaurants and trips, gifts for her, her family and friends. It means to buy gifts for the children of her friends, even if neither friend nor their children you don’t like. To be one is to sit at home and watch TV, if you want to. This means that you shamelessly can be selfish and spend all the money on themselves, instead of buying a gift for a wedding anniversary, people who eat not looking up from the TV.

5. …and no shame!

Casual relationships do not involve condemnation. Now even foolish to someone for something to condemn. Our generation has no shame, what kind of word is that? No one blushes, I look — everything they say and do what they want.

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