A treatise on the dangers of alcoholism

This may seem like a painful revelation, but the alcohol dear children and adults, extremely bad. Especially if its quantity is directly proportional to the amount of tears have been shed by the relatives of alcoholics. Don’t want to talk about harm, it’s obvious, but I will. Talk about other factors. Especially those who turn you in a uniform you bitch to others.

I beg pardon. It should be clarified that there is alcoholism. This regular, often daily use of alcohol-containing nectar in quantities that are incompatible with common sense. We have nothing against its use in adequate volumes, it is, after all, even useful. We don’t even mind having to get drunk in good company to the emergence of a sense of adventure. Only do this is not too often. Drinking is, of course, great. But if you can’t thump, it is better not to thump. It ends up two meters below ground. Though not to drink too impossible, for, as the proverb says, sobriety is charming and cute, but boring.

The misery of the process

When a person says that controls the process, this is the end. This means only one thing: the client need to bring a basin, and smelling salts.

First, the use of alcoholic beverages is a fun, exciting experience. Booze is always fun, after it is always good, and life baggage remain only pleasant memories about non-criminal adventures. But over time, the body is compounded, and the person turns into something pathetic and miserable as the current career of Charlie sheen. In fact, there is nothing dumber than a thump. Not to drink, and it thump – two different things. The first is the process of self – destruction, the second is the cultural aspect. There is nothing more foolish than to spoil life for themselves and others.

Most often drunks is a moral idiots, ocusense, which more and do nothing. And well, if you drank something normal, so no, for the sake of immersion in a bestial state they are ready to absorb any muck. Sometimes really want to drink after a hard month with friends, especially when you don’t remember when the last time actually drank. But to drink to Wake up in the morning, but not to go on a week binge. When the desire to drink appears too often, it is an occasion to reflect.


So drunk bravado – the worst that can be. When a grown man with a beard, it is not the boy starts to behave like a boastful student who claims that he folder vodyaru pours, this is ridiculous.

There are individuals who are trying to prove, apparently, to Bacchus his stamina. Shouting: «You che, do not see the edges!?» – need to pour vodka full glasses and with fiery enthusiasm: «my dad drank, my grandfather drank, and I always do. And nothing, I’m good,» throw muck in the oral cavity, choke, wince, drink half, and… Drink only half, because drinking large quantities of spirits are not very nice. Although vodka is certainly a delicious drink.

The man who brags about his ability to drink a liter of outrageously stupid. People who are really capable of such «feats» as a rule, are silent about this. And the clowns that interfere with in the drinking immiscible, often end up in the toilet. It looks pathetic and stupid. Your head is stupid, said Kozma Bars: «one Cannot embrace the unembraceable and to push nevpihuemoe».

Dreary obsession

We have, if you don’t drink, you are by definition «white crow». In most companies it is. And there’s nothing worse than over cattle, which climbs to a teetotal man with a proposal to «roll». It seems that he is a kind of «Serpent», but in reality – not thinking a pig with a foul mouth. It is much worse when he seduces «a drink» lady, so often it turns into a basic «prodavala». And because he understands it in another way, it can reach up to legendary: «You don’t respect me». Then there was a conflict. Then upity comrade falls down. Who on this good?

Nasty goodness

Alcohol is capable of a reasonable person to make the person normal, and normal is a complete idiot. Under alcohol the person begins to behave disgracefully, losing all that is human and beautiful, even if you climb all the kissing. If you approach the mirror, you will see an incredible handsome, ready to sow love and affection to expose. Others will see amazing stinking drunk, and to share with him the joy is not very desirable.


With alcoholics constantly have any trouble. The police will take away woke up on the porch of his friend the keys with the passport and the phone will lose, if not get lost. Sleep on the street, of course, useful, but not in the cold season.

Just have the drunk feelings are blunted. So start flirting and attempts to make contact with a police dog, which end drives to a police zoo. They in fact plan should be carried out and stray, alisenok is a perfect victim.

The sense of safety for the drinker, absolutely no. Therefore, the «polycoat» strong lads just because they smile looked on with a thin fume drunk, the usual thing. Only ends in tears. Person alcoholics have always beaten no matter what they are on the envelope, and what your innermost thoughts are pulled out. And people don’t like it when they say nasty things.


Still most suffering from alcoholism health. And it’s not only in the classical cirrhosis and kidney problems. Primarily affect your Central nervous system. Simply put, the brain guzzle. A glass of wine, of course, is beneficial to the body and blood vessels, but in moderation. And so comes the problem with the supply of oxygen to the brain and atomic kaput.

Most often it ends with a mental illness. In addition – stroke and memory loss, because buhariki and inceltici, in fact, one and the same.

Laziness is another companion alcohol-saturated person. Even if not hungover, drunk, used to be given by Dionisova pleasures, less and less moves. The truth is it is in wine. But all is florets in comparison with his Eminence – «a squirrel».

«Delirium tremens», over which all laugh, actually the thing is quite bleak. In fact, this psychosis, which is a pattern of alcoholism. The science is called delirium tremens. Delirium tremens Latin literally translates as «shaking dizziness». Most often it is the paracrine develops into dementia. It can be once in a lifetime, and may come back constantly. The thing is actually quite scary, under this «paracrine» every year there are hundreds of homicides and suicides by negligence.

To distinguish it very easily. One seasoned alcoholic, not just životnopodobnymi is in this state, told me that if in the evening you invariably do not attend the doctors with the droppers, not the beloved woman, and the sense of anxiety insomnia, welcome to – «squirrel» is on the way. Sudden loss of appetite, retching and other gastric delights are carried on the wings goryachego of the Apocalypse. It is not strange, sudden desire to stop drinking… But rejoice this is not necessary. These are just some of the symptoms of delirium, and all do not remember. Nothing pleasant in it. And if not pity yourself, have pity on loved ones. No strength to leave – go somewhere far away.

If the certificate from «the Yellow house» no, we all can do small sacrifices. If there is, the more often it ends in tragedy. The victim climb all her phobias, there is a desire to communicate with animals. And most surprisingly, she understands them. Worst of all, when voices are heard. Voice is tricky, inspire the victim to wrong actions. Some people think that it is cockroaches running around, some talking with the glowing substance. While most of the «goranian» call the mental hospital, and they don’t care. Violent behavior – welcome!

The first «infection», usually harmless, just imagining things. But when you re coming you can feel the above symptoms.

The alcohol often brings his best friends – cigarettes. And as we know, not all of us can afford Parlament, and the course is searing stuff like «Peter I», red «Bond» and all that for you. Tobacco there is little, basically a waste of tobacco production, but it’s not about that but about the fact that Smoking is the process of intoxication has only accelerated. In fact, as the desire to show the world the contents of the stomach. A drop of nicotine, which, according to legend, killed the horse, but in fact an elephant, you’re not getting, you just need to smoke all the tobacco kiosk, and 61 cigarette at a time. But the harm is obvious. If you have not, this does not mean that others feel the same.

Lifestyle a La «Hali-Gali rock star» thing, but ethyl-methyl diet is never brought. The Pantheon of famous alcoholics is rife by the day, so slightly better taste than selfless thump.

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