A terrible virus has covered Russia, and his name is HIV

Many sinister events happening in our Kingdom. One horror more beautiful than the other. Did not have time to drop the plane was shot down by another soldier. People’s attention riveted to the television. The situation is heating up, there was talk about the Third World, couch generals have already promised not to buy Turkish tomatoes. All of this is important and it all needs to be discussed. Feel like feels guy from the crowd who entrusted a major role in some pretentious TV show. In General, from hands all falls, and people unaccustomed to such an electric, busy air, which was that in the 90s. But there is one piece of news that went unnoticed in the midst of all this horror, namely, the Number of HIV-infected people in Russia close to a million. And this, we tell you, pretty damn important indicator, which is openly spitting in the face of our entire system of containment of a dangerous virus. Blind to human suffering, the stats are as follows: more than 20 thousand patients died since the beginning of 2015 (on 16% more than in 2014), the incidence rate increased to 50.4 per 100 thousand people, the total number of infected on the first of November is 986657. Now think hard and imagine how many people are hiding for one reason or another their illness? It is unlikely that the figure will be disappointing.

Actually this is a very hardcore performance, given that the prevalence rates are growing by leaps and bounds, and to do this, apparently, did not gather. However, Russian health Minister Veronika Skvortsova made a statement that the epidemic could spiral out of control in 2020 if the coverage of treatment of people with HIV will not be increased. Other guys, such as UNAIDS, the optimistic claim that by 2020 it will cease to register cases of HIV transmission from mother to infant.

But prediction is just a prediction. We also have something to say but won’t, because we don’t know how the rest of our future. However, we offer a very interesting way to Polish the rough edges of this problem. Enter, expensive lawyers, a compulsory course on sexual education in poor and rich schools. Ensure that such blasphemous initiative will be a hundred times better than all that had been done before for HIV.

I never considered how much I had women. But if you want to I have called at least a ballpark figure, I slept somewhere with five thousand women.

– Charlie sheen –But we will not escalate the horror, because there is good news on this bad topic. For example, the oldest HIV in Russia-97. 97 short years, dude! However, the old man contracted the muck two years ago in short (although how do we know?) sexual intercourse. And yet happy for the old shit, because the presence of sexual life at 90 years of age is something to be proud of.

Well, a more advanced news side of science, very hot and rosy. Will not pull, but let’s face it: the human immunodeficiency virus moved into the category of chronic diseases (it’s somewhere near diabetes). The new classification indicates the following things. First: if you had a great night with some strange woman with the dead time and the suffering of the pub, then you haven’t lost anything – you can live for many years. And second, the scientific progress in the field of medicine is moving forward after all, despite the fact that it immobilized all sorts of fanatics from all over the world. However, there is a small clarification: to live longer, you need to turn to doctors in the early stages of the disease, as did Charlie sheen in 2011. Without evil and treacherous workers of the honey industry to live more than 10-11 years will be hard, even folk medicine and a healthy diet will not help.

So there is a spoon of honey in a barrel of tar, there is more good news. Stay calm!

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