A terrible force: what makes a woman more attractive than she is

manygoodtips.com_20.05.2014_FIrR3MzowEoDMNo, it’s not makeup and manicure. It’s not even a new haircut or hairstyle. There are things that can make a frankly ugly woman incredibly attractive, though all perfectly aware that she is still unattractive.

Women and their endless beauty rituals, increase here and a decrease there completely forget that we don’t care what the color of their lipstick or nail Polish. To us, beauty is defined Breasts, slim waist smoothly into the correct curves and pretty legs. However, all this is purely individual, perhaps someone of the guys were really up to, painted nails ladies red or fuchsia?

There are things that paint women more than anything else, and they are not smeared on the face. Everything is much easier.

1. Her passion

Passionate about people — a beautiful sight. Excitable girl (as girls are so often not passionate about something) is much more beautiful, and all because her eyes glow! Hobby, favorite thing, favorite job, favorite topics of conversation — it makes us human, which is nice. When it comes to her passions, and what brings her real pleasure, you see an enthusiastic, lively personality, whose long monologues are heard literally. I don’t care that you don’t understand the poetry of Alexander Vertinsky, says something like!

A girl who is trying to impress, not just shares his passions, and easy to learn. Like a man too continued and pretentious says he supposedly likes, but you don’t believe: eyes do not Shine, lightness and excitement in her voice there. However, if you remember the old Dovlatov, and you can forgive the lady her blatant lie: «Selfless lie is not a lie, it’s poetry!«

2. Her compassion

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and someone who genuinely cares about others, a pleasure to watch.

It is not easy to put yourself in the place of others, to be able to empathize. We are often faced with moments when I should be sympathetic, but do it very insincere, because I do not feel importance of the moment.

Attracted to a woman what she can look into the essence of things, not making beautiful or terrible facade. She puts herself in the place of another and receives a unique opportunity to truly empathize. So she becomes more beautiful and closer. Madonna and nurse on the battlefield in one person.

And almost no matter how it looks, if you see that she understands you, or at least trying.

3. Her mind

Even old George Clooney, the former confirmed bachelor who was married to a woman-lawyer, argues that the mind is one of the sexiest things in a woman. Unless of course he is. And how not to believe such a tough guy?

Intelligent woman who knows a lot, and can even apply their skills and inclinations in life (not as a kind of «gray cardinal» and the torch of «women’s wisdom»), really makes an impression. Remember though the ancient Greek hetaerae, who attracted the attention of wise men and the rulers that put them on an equal footing to talk about mathematics, logic, history and views on the problem of development of Greece. If we had no needs in intelligent, educated women, hetairai were not used in due time very popular. Them to be prostitutes, no one thought!

Rational women special attentions for the banal reason: they are closer to us. While the girls with the intuitive thinking having a scandal, because we didn’t notice that they feel bad and sad girl with a logic more understandable and adequate.

4. Her cheerful spirit, passion and sense of adventure

Many people like a noisy girl with a sort of hussar bravery. If less light girl without a trace of self-irony never trample to swim in the sea in what was, because you’re afraid to lose «marketability» for hair and makeup, girl-adventuress jump into the sea because they like to swim. Makeup can be washed off, and the hair is not important.

In fun girls a little better. It is important to get from life more fun, challenge your capabilities, and if the road gets torn dress or a cracked heel is not a problem, because everything is banal stuff that you can buy. They are not afraid to look stupid or sloppy, they are not afraid to look the wrong lady, they understand that looking like a lady is boring and tedious. However, this does not mean that girls adventuress look like they came out of the manhole. If they face a choice: to have fun and positive emotions threatening to break a nail or stand on the sidelines and miss, they will surely choose the fun, because manicure and eye makeup — little things in life that do not affect it.

5. Its resistance to the blows of fate

Mentally strong people the impression, therefore, the courage of color and woman and man and man, and child. Oddly enough, men like women who can solve problems independently. But this does not mean that a woman needs to cope with ALL their troubles on their own. Ask for help when the situation is unbearable — well, the whole point is that this girl is definitely able to cope with their own difficulties because it felt the power. Such people inspire respect. She knows what she wants, she doesn’t need a man to set the direction of development and help with domestic difficulties, people need him for all other cases. A woman help, not because she is weak and defenseless (it seems to us that this type of all sick), but because you just want to help her.

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