A tampon for survival

Do me a favor, for the next five minutes, forget EVERYTHING you know about tampons. Expunge from memory the coastal locker room that you visited in the South of our country. It was just a nasty dream. Yes, it will be difficult, but you really try.

We will tell you about a new tampon. Meet, a Tampon for survival! We do not laugh, this thing can not only help your friend. Still don’t believe? Then we go to you. With a tampon.

Now seriously: look at the following items and realize the usefulness of this device. You sure will appreciate it if you stuck for long in the forest. Go!

1. Bandage


Cut your hand? It does not matter if you have a tampon, of course. The fact that tampons are striking in their incredible sterility. So they can easily replace the conventional bandages. Just get soft contents and apply to the wound.

2. Filter


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A tampon is a great water filter. Though he would not clean away chemical substances or heavy metals, but is perfect for filtering water from rain and all sorts of floating crap.

Shove a tampon in the neck of the bottle and make a small hole in the tube. Turn the bottle upside down and your filter is ready.

3. Fire



Almost everyone knows that using cotton can be diluted with a great fire. When the dry cotton swab will catch the spark, it will easily be lit and will provide an excellent basis for a bonfire. If you don’t.. Can divide the swab into 3-4 parts, so you’d have the ability to fire more than once.

4. Another filter



If you managed to get into the woods, and you have only a tampon, and I want to drink, you can filter water without the bottle. Get a soft base from the body of the tampon. Put some cotton pulp in a plastic case and lock. Now blow and drink. Excellent manual filter!

5. Case for matches



Remember we told you how to make a waterproof case for matches? It turns out that it can be assembled much easier, although it will not be as reliable. You will need a cellophane wrapper, which lay in a tampon. Put the match and tie the cellophane tightly with a thin rope.

6. Float




Perhaps the most unexpected use. If you decide to fish and at hand were randomly for a fishing rod, in addition to the float, then a tampon. You will need: hook, line, and, in fact, a tampon.

From the same cellophane, in which you pushed a match, blow a bubble and tie it with a drawstring. The float is ready, well, then you know what to do.

Yet, what makes you laugh. But perhaps such a situation would happen when this thing really can save your life. So going on a hike, grab a tampon, a lot of places will not take, and the benefit will appreciate.

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